Satisfactory: 3D Factorio by the makers of Sanctum

Not to brag or anything, but I was right, no more EA updates, they are released 1.0 this year.

I’m happy to jump in again with 1.0! The last time I played was update 5.

I love these developers. They’re awesome.

Just an FYI that the game’s base price will be going from $30 to $40 in the near future, so the devs have recommended picking it up at 50% off during the current Steam sale.

It’s worth the price!

Aww darn. Saw this thread bumped and thought it meant a big new update. Dang, I think the last update for the game was December!

If it’s any consolation, we’re meant to be getting a v1.0 date announced this week, so hopefully it’s not too much longer.


I laughed.

Well played, CoffeeStain! This and the giant Factorio expansion barely more than a month apart. Factory overload this fall.

I just bought this on steam even though I have it on Epic. $15 is cheap and also steam workshop integration.

I started a new world, which I am hoping will carry over to 1.0.

My only gripe with this game is that you upgrade your factory for the sake of upgrading your factory., There is no grand, interesting problem to solve where as the factory is just your tool to do so. I hope they introduce something like that in 1.0. They have this “big project” thing, but so far there is no description of what it is.

It will, but they already announced they are changing a bunch of resource deposits to try to improve the distribution, so it’s possible you’ll have to adjust some things in your factory if you happen to be using any deposits that got changed/removed.

Oxygen Not Included might be worth exploring if you need a ‘purpose’ to your creations (and there are monuments to build in the end game). I believe Timberborn just added monuments as well? Anno 1800 and Pharaoh also. Factorio, Fortress Craft, Satisfactory, etc., are definitely games of “scale” over “purpose”.

By an “Interesting Problem to Solve” I mean something like fortress craft evolved.
It is a factory game, much like Satisfactory. However, the ultimate objective is to power up an orbital laser to kill this giant unkillable monsters that spawn waves of enemies to attack your base.

You have a variety of weapons and power generation options. Some weapons take ammo, some take energy. There is a central point you need to defend, the rest of your factory is always safe from the monsters. The more energy you produce, the harder the enemy attack waves are. You need a lot to charge the orbital laser and if your central point is destroyed, the attack waves end and the laser charging cycle starts over.

So that is the challenge. Build defenses and power generation in order get that laser charged up. How you do it is the fun part. There are a lot of options. In satisfactory, you are missing that kind of challenge. It does not have to be waves of monsters or anything like that. Just, here is a problem and your factory can help you solve it. Be creative.

Stranded: Alien Dawn does give you objectives. It’s not the same game type as Satisfactory, but does overlap a bit.

ONI is a great suggestion - it has gotten the vast majority of my systems-tinkering game time over the last few years.

Foundry as well, since you’re trying to rebuild a station in orbit to get home “or something”