Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414

Heh - one of the new chicks just dropped the F-bomb in a skit. That’s what happens when “frickin’” is every other word.

SNL is already trending on Twitter. Can’t wait till this hits Youtube.

Ask and ye shall receive.

I’m sure it’ll be gone soon via an assertion of copyright by NBC.

I saw that happen, I wondered why she puffed up her cheeks like a fish. NOW I GET IT! But seriously, I totally missed that.

I suspect this will be one of the best things to ever happen to her. Everyone will be talking about it tomorrow, she’ll get some talk show gigs, and SNL will do a sketch about it next week. The novelty of her doing it in her very first appearance is great publicity.

Looks like Seth Meyers is going to have her back, so hopefully she’ll be fine.

Dear god, who killed the funny in that whole show?

I understand NBC aired it unedited for the west coast.

No, they dubbed the audio.

Serves me for believing strangers in YouTube comments!

Megan Fox, I assume.

Has to be one of the worst season premieres ever. I keep watching this even though I know there is only going to be one or two good skits, and this time it was the digital short where the deformed freak on a date actually rejects Megan Fox. The Russian bride bit had a few moments as well. But I was already worried when I started to fall asleep during the opening. Glad to see they kicked off a couple lame female cast members from last year.

This is how you watch SNL:

  1. Don’t watch SNL.
  2. If there was a really funny skit or digital short, someone on the internet will tell you in the next day or so.
  3. Watch that part on hulu.

Oddly, I almost couldn’t disagree with you more on almost every individual point.

But I agree that the episode totally sucked.

Casey was awesome and if the rumors about them kicking her off because she didn’t lose 30 lbs over the summer are true, there’s a special place in Hell for every one of the fuckers who made that call.

Holy crap, I hadn’t heard that rumor. She was really good. Notice they’ve never pressured any of their resident fat guys to do the same.

Here, jerri.

It’ll make you want to give Casey a hug.

Yep. Lorne Michaels is an asshole.

Wow, that’s horrible. She’s like half the size of Horatio Sanz, or whoever the new Fat Guy is. Also, she’s funny, so maybe they decided they couldn’t have that.

And apparently they forgot about past long running cast members Julia Sweeney and Victoria Jackson, neither of whom was a waif.