Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


I’m loving this sketch even more now that I know about how it’s made. Apparently, he can never keep it together because the cue cards are switched out at the last moment by the head writer for that bit.


I’ve read this as well, makes even funnier knowing he doesn’t know exactly what might be coming.


I didn’t know that, that’s great.


That’s awesome.


Eli Manning actually had a good showing last night. He still has an awkward way about him, but they put him in some good skits, including a sexting trial and a great “Little Brothers” program short.


The banana picture was amazing. I’m sure his locker will be filled with bananas when he shows up today.


So, this Timberlake episode is shaping up to be pretty good.


It’s pretty much always a strong episode when he’s on. He’s like the new Alec Baldwin for SNL.


I watched about half of the show with Justin Timberlake last night. It was pretty good, but stuff like the “five-timers” sketch personified what I think of when I think of SNL: a skit that sounded funny but went about 5 minutes too long. While it was awesome to see all those cameos in there, they needed to actually go somewhere with it. I thought the Dating Game segment was pretty funny, though I starting getting worried that Dan Ackroyd would break a hip or something, the way he was gyrating around.


I just watched it on Hulu and thought it was the most solid episode I’ve seen in recent memory. Anyone else notice that Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka was on the top shelf of the bar for the 5 timer sketch?


Steve Martin tweeted this before the show. That’s alot of talent (and Canadians) in that picture.


Last night was not only the funniest episode of SNL ever, it was the funniest episode of anything ever. The weak point being the Caligula sketch, but the rest of it was amazing, even the champagne ‘ad’ at the end, “the greatest gift you can give someone is oral”.


I think “Vegan-ville” was my favorite. Agree that the Caligula one was the weakest.


My wife asked me why Candace Bergin would have hosted the show that many times. The answer lies in how long SNL has been on TV. Back in the day as the face of Murphy Brown Candace Bergin was somehow one of the edgiest women in TV. Hard to believe that now.


Actually, 4 out of 5 of her appearances on SNL predate Murphy Brown.


Now that surprises me. Being as I have been around as long (longer) than SNL I would not have guessed that.


Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong were even better when Jamie Foxx hosted last year.


Yeah. The champagne bit was good, but Sharky Crystals was even better, if only because it was so totally out of nowhere.


I think her first appearance may have been on the very first Christmas episode back in '75.


Damn that is one hell of a lot of star power , The Three Amigos reunion?, a Ghostbuster , Paul Simon , Hanks, and who is the dude in the red sweater?