Saturday Night Live: Season 342343414


What’s their biggest hit ever and was it on the radio, or used in movies or ads? I was already in my thirties in the 1990s and wasn’t paying much attention to pop music, honestly, so that’s probably the only way I would even have heard them.


I don’t remember seeing it in pop culture much, but it was played a LOT on MTV and on the radio back when it came out in the mid-90s.


I’ll have the fish.


I graduated high school in 96. I was/am a huge weezer fan. I haven’t kept up with them the whole time, but my 13 year old recently got into them. This skit was amazing. Even though I usually watch SNL I didn’t stay up for this one. Heard about skit next day. I wish I could’ve caught it unexpected.

I have a friend from high school, he used to keep a spreadsheet with every song ranked, from all albums and b sides. We have had serious discussions about this. Ride or die, haha.


Thanks for the link. Sorta catchy, but I don’t think I’d ever heard it. Supposedly came out in '94. I guess I had other things going on. Also didn’t realize that music videos were still a thing on MTV as late as that, go figure. I thought all the programming by then was game shows and raunchy late night sex comedies.


Not yet. Real World was only its 3rd season by 1994, Real World San Francisco. So they were still mostly music-based at that point. The transition had started though. Real World San Francisco was a big part of that, it had that guy (Pedro?) who died of AIDS on the show, I believe. I didn’t start watching the show until the Boston season, which was later.


Forget MTV… that video came with Windows 95! YOU COULD WATCH IT ON YOUR COMPUTER.


Damn, who knew Melissa Villaseñor had these pipes?

The mini performance as Lady Gaga made the crowd go ape, especially at the end. I don’t think it was a lip sync.


She has always been very under-utilized, her talent for impressions is something the show really isn’t using much.


Jon Mulaney killed it again last night. Great f’ing episode all the way through.


Did you hear the story about the “Smokery Farms” bit during the Weekend Update? Apparently some stage hand left the raw meat out too long and it got a bit, umm, fragrant, which enhanced the comedic value IMHO.

Haven’t watched all the bits yet, but the Death Ejection Toilet ad was fantastic.


I did not! That’s great though, was wondering why they were playing that up a bit much.


I also think it was particularly funny because Kate is a rather outspoken vegan.


I would give the episode a solid B+. Probably the best episode of the season. We got yet another game show sketch, which was executed well. Highlighting the personal hell that is not knowing a friend or co-worker’s spouses’ name. I also loved how palpable Hader’s anger was a both contestants. It was brutal, and really funny. And a SECOND game showish sketch with the Shark Tank one. Did like the goofiness of the local injury law firm jingle though.

Mulaney was in top form all night, I loved it. There were some odd technical problems, and the musical guest was blah. Some wonky timing issues at the end. But there were some real gems. Toilet ejector seat was fun, Weekend Update was great (but NO STEFON!?! With Hader and Mulaney there?)

Bodega Bathroom was good, but the sequel didn’t feel as good as the first one. Probably would have been better to focus on just one musical rather than a mash up of multiple shows. The strength of the lobster one was just how exactly Les Mis it was.

Cha Cha slide was the best sketch of the night, and my favorite of the season. It doesn’t have some zany premise or joke character, the humor was very understated and built well throughout the absurd remix version of the cha cha slide callouts and the fact that it was clear that Mulaney’s character was vastly understating his connection to black culture. It was so good. I loved that it wasn’t some over the top spectacle. Some great writing and performances.

The 10 to 1 TCM bit was fun, as Kate’s physical comedy is always appreciated. Her first “whistle” had me nearly spit by drink out, but the sketch basically went nowhere other than that joke. Definitely the weakest of the night, as it relied too heavily on one gag, it didn’t go next level.

I really enjoy Pete Davidson’s “Chad” character, as I have known many “Chads” through college and after. It is just spot on, and makes me laugh every time. It is acutally one of the very few running characters outside of weekend update that isn’t an Impression.

Here’s hoping that Idris Elba (first time hosting really?!) will bring the heat next week.


I could have just listened to an extended 60 min opening monologue with Mulaney and ended up equally happy. Great stuff.

The wedding bit was definitely the best. Reminded me a little of being the only non-Armenian at some weddings I’ve attended. We almost always skip the musical guest so no points lost there. And Chad was on point, just great throughout. Helps that my wife has seen dozens of them in her HS classes.



I also thought it was an above average episode but the musical guest was about as anodyne as you can get.


The musical guest often is, IME.


Something must have went over time, because the end of the show was wonky, usually have one final sketch after the musical act. This one was pretty short.

Anyway, that was also fun.


I enjoyed it throughout. I was a bit nonplussed by the fake Alabama flag though: