Say Something Negative About a Game You Love

Topic shamelessly stolen from Reset Era, because I found it quite interesting.

Persona 4’s opening, while perhaps necessary to introduce you to its world, is just far too long. They needed to somehow work gameplay in there, because there are only so many times you can advance dialogue without feeling like you’re going mad.

Also, to get this out of the way: 8773_7468_622

The stealth armor in Breath of the Wild is overpowered and kind of ruins the game’s balance.

The frame-rate in modded minecraft sucks.
The graphics in minecraft suck.

I’m starting to win in Has Been Heroes and I still don’t know what the heck is going on.

NieR: Automata deserved a better PC port.

I hate Mexico in Red Dead Redemption

Kingdom Come Deliverance gets too easy.

The experience system for your pins (spells, basically) in The World Ends With You is really cool in theory, but Mingle XP (earned by linking with other systems and other copies of the game, via a prototype version of the StreetPass system later seen on the 3DS) is just a nightmare because you’re never going to find other owners of the game to actually make it viable to earn enough Mingle XP to level up your pins.

The DLC for Wolfenstein 2 is pretty mediocre with little of the main story’s zaniness.

The Witcher 3 deserved a better combat system. The one it has is adequate, but it’s not nearly as good as the rest of the game.

Gothic 3 never did fix its melee combat.

Wildlands was too short.

Yes this.

Afghanistan '11 starts to get repititious after a while

TIE Fighter’s missions get way too hard and need puzzle-solving skills, rather than tactics and solid piloting.

Mind control in X-COM is overpowered. Terror missions on cruise ships in Terror from the Deep are a pain in the ass.

The ingame economy is almost completely pointless. There’s no reason to pick up heavy sacks of all the copper, silver, electrum etc coins. And even if you do decide to haul them around, you can buy an arrow at any store and they’ll give all your change back in high end low weight currency.

What? I couldn’t hear that over the sound of awesome that is a TIE Defender.

The eastern US map for Railways of the World has 2.5 viable paths, and if you aren’t on one, you will lose. Which, in a 5 player game, is a problem. You’re playing a 2-3 hour board game, and you know you’ve lost long before you do.

Defense Grid 1 & 2 both needed a faster setting. Gemcraft (last one in series) slowed down too much.

Some of the middle levels of Doom ][ were just average.

In Xcom I feel better about a 70% chance to hit than I do a 90% chance.