Scariest experience ever

On Thursday, Ocotber 13th, I drove my sister back to univeristy in St. Catherines, a two hour drive each way. During the drive I didn’t feel so well, and didn’t bother stopping in at a fast food place as usual. Thursday night I woke up sweating and feeling like I was going to throw up. I took a couple of Gravol and Tylenol Cold and Fever pills and fell back to sleep.

On Friday morning I felt better but told my mom (I live at home) what had happened during the night. Ususally, she’d send me to a doctor before letting me go back to bed, but I convinced her I would go when I woke up. I woke up that afternoon with the sweats again, and feeling really dizzy. I got scared, called my mom asking for advice (she has worked as a receptionist in a medical setting for the past 15 years). She told me my dad would be home soon.

I must have fallen back to sleep before he got home.

Saturday morning at about 4am, my mom happened to wake up to go to the washroom. She looked into my bedroom and saw that I had kicked the sheets of the bed and was lying on my back with my arms and legs spread open. As she moved closer to tuck me in, she noticed that my eyes were open. She touched my skin and felt that I was freezing. At that point, she actually thought I was dead. She rushed to get my dad, who has taken first aid and CPR courses, who then discovered that I still had a pulse. My mom called 911, and the fire dept. arrived first, as usual. The firemen gave me a shot of something, when the paramedics arrived and took over. They started an IV and began checking my bood surgar and blood pressure. I had a blood sugar level of two, where five to eight is normal.

I started to violently seizuring and stopped breathing. I was given oxygen and began breathing again. Due to the lack of sugar in my blood, I had most a few of my senses, I was blind and had no sense of touch. I became aware that I wasn’t dreaming at this point. One of the paramedics asked if I knew who she was. Going on the female voice, I said “mom.”

As they took me outside my eyesight came back, althought it was if what I was seeing wasn’t making to my brain right. I saw the flowers outside our front door, only the colours were wrong. I began to whimper out the colours I did see, to see if anyone agreed if they were right.

Once in the ambulance, I realized this was real, that it was night a nightmare. The paramedic asked me to remember lines like “Tuesday is blue.” Then she would ask me to repeat the line, which I could. When she asked what colour Tuesday was, I had no idea.

I the emergency/ambulance entraced we waited. I could see my mom and dad, and that my mom was crying. My dad asked if I could read a sign beside me. I couldn’t.

I was removed from the paramedics IV and a nurse hooked my up to another. I was freezing and my feet hurt. I was giving tea with surgar to arm me up. I was placed in Continuing Care at 8am and I slepted until 6pm. At six I felt better, although I was freezing and felt very weak. Nurses came in and out of the room checking my blood pressure and surgar level, plus my pulse and temperature.

My parents talked to a doctor, and endocronologist, and then they explained to me what had happened.

Prior to this incident a doctor had put my on a thyroid horomone so control my whacked put thyroid. It was an overactive thyroid which had given me a motabalism of a rabbit, but left my exhausted in the mornings. After the perscription had run out, I hadn’t refilled it, just out of laziness. It had been the lack of the pill, and the lacked of surgar, food and engery they had caused the episode. They weighed my at the hospital and discovered I wieghed 110 pounds, a BMI of about 16. They were happy to learn that I hadn’t lost the weight intentionally, however, and a dietician put my on a high calorie, high protien diet of six meals a day.

I was released from the hospital this morning, the day before my 24th birthday. I feel tired, weak and have a hard time reading andw writing.

If I stick with my new pills, praticed reading and writing, and make sure I eat, I will weigh about 140 in mid January, and my reading and writing comprehension will be back to normal.

Thought I’d share my experience.

Thought I’d share my experience.

Wow. Glad you’re OK. Good thing your mother was there.

What did the podiums look like?


You’re scoring about an 8 out of 10 on the jpinard scale troms, so I’ll make this short:

Don’t ever do that again. Hyperthyroidism isn’t a joke, and it doesn’t go away.

It sounds like a very close call, I’m glad to hear you’re recovering okay.

I really liked how you made a zillion word post with no spelling or grammatical errors and then said you’re doing therapy to get your writing and reading abilities back to normal - which may take until January. That should send a message to the average poster around here who can’t manage punctuation when they’re ON their medication.

Eesh. Good to know you’re alright. This should be a pretty big lesson that laziness and refilling prescribed medication are very bad together. :)

Are you being serious?

I’m kidding that there were no grammatical errors. I’m not kidding that for someone in a non-comprehensive state, they write better than 90% of the other posters.

It took me a long time to write that post. I’m sure there are various errors. My writing is way better than my reading level. My friend bought my a Maxim to read in hospital and I just couldn’t really retain anything I read. I could probably go through it again and it would be like a new magazine. Sucks because I love to read. I’m gonna try to get some comics and graphics novels, though I don’t know if they will help.

What’s the JP scale?

Oh, I also can’t drink until my BMI is at least 22. It’s gonna be a dry winter.

Now for some funny stories. One of the things they give me as a snack is a small cup of ice cream at 350 calories. It looks like like a single scoop of ice cream, and I’m allowed as many as I want really as long as I don’t skip a meal because of it. My friends saw all this ice cream I had access to and started eating it while I was having a cat scan. My one friend ate three and a “shake” (a 500 - 700 calorie meal replacement that doesn’t fill you up, so I can have one on TOP of a meal) before I told him how many calories he had just injusted.

This . If you want to get the coveted 10/10 on the jp scale, instruct your mom to take pictures.

ps: glad you’re ok.

Oh. Yea, usually when I have a fever I live in the second bathroom. This is the first time I’ve sweated due to a fever.

Though if you’ve ever have a cat scan and have had that agent injected into you that makes you feel like you have a a temperature of 200 degress, that is just nasty.

Though I preferred the two minute heat sensation than the ultra sound warming gel goo that put on the decive they jam into your boday with both hands until you prey for death.

Glad to hear you made it through man. Sucks when your body betrays you.

Other way around in this case, kinda.

I beleive it refers to this.

But really, tromik isn’t whipping out this post to gain pity points because he previously pissed everybody off.

If Jose Liz were to appear and explain his posting behaviour as being caused by a severe dgenerative terminal brain disorder, then we’d be registering on the JP scale.


I beleive it refers to this.

But really, tromik isn’t whipping out this post to gain pity points because he previously pissed everybody off.

If Jose Liz were to appear and explain his posting behaviour as being caused by a severe dgenerative terminal brain disorder, then we’d be registering on the JP scale.[/quote]

Ah crap. I was planning to make a post that explaind my infatuation with penis posts, but if that’s your attitude than fuck it.

Good luck, tromick! What a frightening story. You’re parents must feel very grateful that mom’s a light sleeper, that she checked you out that night. Hang in there.

Sometimes when you go into the hospital you get out and still get special treatment. Tonight my dad came home with a Digital TV box and asked what channels I wanted. Something I didn’t really expect at all.

Also, my room was clean out completelt. The bad news is my mom threw out a bunch of game CDs in the storm. My dad brought home a used copy of Championship Manager 03/04 from work he bought off another soccer fan. Any Western reviews?


Holy geez, that’s crazy.


I beleive it refers to this.

But really, tromik isn’t whipping out this post to gain pity points because he previously pissed everybody off.

If Jose Liz were to appear and explain his posting behaviour as being caused by a severe dgenerative terminal brain disorder, then we’d be registering on the JP scale.[/quote]

My apologies, I should have provided a full explanation on the matter. Forthwith!

TT’s link is helpful, as it provides a baseline 10 of 10 score (or, more precisely, 1.00jp) for the z-axis of the jpinard scale, herein labeled “Surprising Personal Illness Exposition.” However, let me enlighten you on the x and y axes, where:

x = spelling/grammatical errors, or I[size=1]p[/size] (Posting Incoherence)

y = posting decorum-related errors I[size=1]fr[/size] (Forum/Reality Incompetence)

and z, as mentioned = E[size=1]spe[/size]

And if you need to put it all together, here’s an example. It scores high on the x and y axes, but since the z value is more implicit, it can only score at 0.5 maximum. The post doesn’t drag on forever and the errors stop midway through, so both x and y get reduced values. But, thinking anybody would care about the point of the post increases y above midline, thus x=0.6 (would be a 0.5 for others, but past z scores can affect x if z>0.5 by 0.05 per error if z=1.0, which it does for every jpinard post) and y=0.8 (z can affect y as well, to a lesser degree).

Edit: And to be fair, jp just posted and that post’s score is only 0.1/0/0. That’s way better than my average, ballparked around 0.4/0.2/0.4.

I’ve been debating over a color scheme for each occurence on the scale, where black is the default (simple acknowledgement) and red is petulant impertinence, with perhaps blue representing a poor-me implied crying jag, but all of those could be negative values on the z-axis, y’know?

tromik’s thread post breaks down thusly:

y=0.8 (altered reality clearly evident, but improving)

Nice job, troms. I don’t think even jpinard has scored so high on the jpinard scale.

[size=2]P.S. I’m just fucking funnin’ ya, okay? I’m silly glad you’re okay and if you need any advice or info on hyperthyroidism, I’ll gladly email/PM you with text, linkies and .pdf scans of medical texts (like I have for jpinard).[/size]

I think the medical field has left you a bitter shell of a man. Also, spaghetti.

Happy birthday, tromik!