Sea of Thieves!

Also, if you’ll pardon my continued bumping of the thread, looks like notification just went out for another technical alpha test this Saturday - two in fact, one 7-10pm GMT, another 7-10 PST (kind of a bummer, I had a lot of fun with a Brit crew last time) so sign up if you’re interested, maybe you can get in!

Oh and looks like this test is Xbox only, I don’t see mention of PC testing yet.

I’ll be all over this on PC. Love pirate themed games and also adored Guns of Icarus Online for the team co-op/competitive dirigible combat.

Looks like there’s another technical alpha session coming up Saturday, March 3. Any new sailors get the invite?

Was hoping to see an invite. Maybe next time, fingers crossed. (PC here.)

May end up having to move to Windows 10 for this, lol.

Not to rain on anyone’s parade but I don’t think any testing has taken place for the PC version yet. But that may be a separate signup process that I haven’t gone through.

Just a minor note - I see they’ve added the ability to bail out water your ship has taken on by being holed by cannon fire. That got tricky, sailing around with your belowdecks completely submerged.

E3 “gameplay” trailer:

That looks very cool!

Also, it’s been confirmed at Gamescom that the game supports cross play between PC and Xbox One.

And they have a ridiculous number of folks who will get through beta. Sign up if not in yet:

I find this hilariously awesome.

“I’m actually happy playing 15 frames per second.”

Er…Okay, I guess.

It’s more cinematic.

Looks like I overlooked an emailed invitation to participate in a PC survey, which possibly would have given me a chance to play an early PC version of this at some point. Any other opportunties like that on the horizon?

You can sign up for the insider program, which should make you eligible for closed alpha/beta testing. I’ve been doing this on Xbox but I’m not sure if PC testing is happening yet:

Also I was lookin for open beta info but didn’t find too much. Including a link with the best info, looks like signing up for the insider group is your best bet, though not a certainty at this point.

Netbook owners rejoice!

Whoops, thought I was already signed up there but actually I’d only signed up for their newsletter. Thanks! (They hosted an alpha a couple of weeks ago, as it turns out.)

The human eye can’t see more than 4 frames per second anyway.

And we’ve got a release date, March 20, 2018.