Sea of Thieves!

Not far off and unless they really mess up the transactions with this, it could be very promising.

Closed beta announced for January 24-29. I haven’t actually played the last few rounds of the technical alpha so I’ll be sure to log in and see what the state of the game is at this point.

Keep us posted! I’m hoping this turns out well.

I played the last alpha and enjoyed it, I’ll be playing and streaming the beta (at least the first two days since then it’ll be Monster Hunter time)

Thieves are historically not very cooperative, they murder each other for gold or the favour of a lady.

I don’t know how you can make a game about murderthieves like this. The social dynamics are too complicate for it to “float”.

Time will tell, I guess.

Maybe the sea is literally made out of thieves. millions of them.

I’ve only dabbled with the alpha and know very little about the game. But I’d like to try the beta with other players if possible. If you guys can post in advance when you are likely to play and wouldn’t mind teaming up with a noob, I’d love to try and join.

"hogs map" repost

The horror!!!

Be that as it may, pirates were historically a highly democratic society. Did you know the pirate crew chose, essentially elected, who would be their captain? And the distribution of wealth among pirate crews was much more favorable for the average crewman than, for example, prize hunting in the English Navy, where the bulk of the earnings gravitated tonthe captain and his officers. The life of a pirate was hard, but it had its upsides.

I’d absolutely enjoy doing this, I think the catch for us is lining up times to play. If I recall correctly you’re in England, while I’m in Pacific time zone. But I’m game to give it a shot.

Can you report back whether they ever added swordfighting in? I seem to remember a long while back that someone here was in the playltest for a bit, and there was no (or limited) swordfights. How can you do a pirate game without that?

I can tell you from last time I played that swords are in, as a melee weapon. But I didn’t see a way to initiate a piratey sword fight. I’ll check for that.

Every enemy I’ve met I’ve annihilated!


Would pay good money for some insult sword fighting in the game.

Yep. That’s going to be a challenge. But I’ll definitely do my best to join in if I can.

Not to mention terrific dancers.

When we all go back in time, I 'm going to let divedivedive go hang out with all the pirates. I’m going to take my chances… somewhere else.

I don’t know why all the skepticism, we have actual historical footage -