Sean Spicer is the best Press Secretary in history. PERIOD.

It’s not that bad. Ever since Gillette introduced the Mach 3 Turbo, the green handle one where the blade vibrates, which not only allows for a close shave, it dislodges the hair from the blade afterward, so the blades last forever now. One four-pack lasts me about 9-12 months now, where before the Turbo vibration the same blades used to last me three weeks at most. It’s been amazing. The money I’ve saved since the Mach 3 Turbo came out has been substantial. And since the Mach 3 Turbo blades are not even the latest from Gillette (I think they went on to introduce the Fusion? I haven’t tried it), they don’t even cost as much anymore either. $12-$15 worth of blades last about a year. (Incidentally, this is why Dollar shave club sounds so expensive - $1 a day? I spend about $1 a month at most).

Hrm, I’ve not tried those at all (the vibrating razor.) I’ll have to give them a try. I have old Fusion razor bases, and at least around here a 4 pack runs a little less than $20 if not on discount for some reason. I did try Dollar Shave for a while. It didn’t take. Their blades seemed more dull and went even duller quicker than Gillette. I have not tried Harry’s.

Not to derail the derail because lord knows this thread has served its main purpose and hopefully will be consigned eventually to the dustbin archives - but there is a long shaving thread for anyone who is interested:

Its true that he had no idea what the dept did when he took the job, but at least hes not selling the nukes to the highest bidder to line his own pockets like so many of the rest of trumps cabinet.

For this administration, hes been wildly successful, as far as i know. such a sorry state of affairs indeed when rick perry is your shining star of success.