Seattle Area BBQ and Bourbon Bash

Date: Friday, June 30
Time: 5:00
Place: Z’Tejas Web Site

Even though it was mentioned casually in the now-defunct-again bourbon thread I started a few weeks ago, I’m curious if we want to try to plan a get together to eat some bbq and drink some bourbon. My schedule doesn’t really clear up until mid-June, but I’m thinking if we shoot for some time towards the end of June that leaves us plenty of time to select a venue and get lots of people involved.

Anybody interested? Any ideas? If not this thread can slide into the oblivion that is page 2 and beyond…

I’d be down for a get together.

I’m definitely interested, although I’d prefer something after June 28th.

  • Alan

Yeah, I am down with it, if I can make it. I know my family has plans to go to San Diego at some point this summer, but not sure when.

Yeaaaaahhhh boooooy

how about Friday, June 30 then?

Works for me.

Definitely game.

A Friday, eh?

I assume we’re talking a restaurant/bar somewhere?

I think that would be our best bet, unless one of our seattle-area residents also has a third-degree black belt in bbq and wants to offer to host.

I’m in.

Let’s hear from our resident bbq experts about venues of choice. I would have suggested Dixie’s but I think I remember other folks hating it. Also I’m not sure how whether or not we could get away with brown-bagging our liquor at a place that doesn’t serve it.

I’m probably in - things change as date approaches though. I think we’re going to have a problem having both good BBQ and Alcohol at a restraunt.

You probably can’t get liquor + bbq.

Dixies is meh food and potentially high entertainment factor in watching newbs squirm after meeting The Man.

Jones BBQ in Seattle is quite tasty. They have a branch in Crossroads, too.


Damn, y’all ain’t just gonna grill some shit yourself at someone’s domicile? N00bs.

Best BBQ I’ve found out here so far is 3 Pigs in Bellevue. Waayyy better than Dixie’s. I think they do serve beer…

blah, this needs to happen in L.A.

And DC.

I’d come up to L.A. for a BBQ. (Seattle is a bit too far, though.)

Would Bellevue work for everyone? Doesn’t matter to me since I’m driving from Snohomish County anyhow.

I am down with three pigs, but it’s been a while since I’ve been. It is good BBQ, from what I remember. Where the hell is it? Downtown? I forget.