Seattle Area Q23 Hoedown!

Guido: it’s not just a hoe, it’s a weapon! I guess it falls to me to make hoe puns throughout this thread. ;)

Ok, what does everyone think of Chilli’s on Saturday, February 26th at 7pm? Let’s get some idea of how many are coming so the first one there can get a big enough table.[/quote]

Sure. I’ll do my sexy dance.

Isn’t there a Gameworks in Seattle? Why don’t you guys go somewhere like that?


Because Gameworks frankly kind of sucks. :(


yeah we could have the qt3 meet hosted by the Penny Arcade guys!!! :roll:

Just seems kinda on target to meet at a place with games, ya know?

Or is everyone here above that kind of thing these days? You know… playing video games.


Oh lord, next you’ll want them to have fun.

Hi, my name is Jules, I am also new to the area, just moved from L.A. last July. Tom told me about this little Hoe-down. I don’t really know if it is one word or two but I learned long ago when in down, hyphenate.

Anyway, am I getting this correct - the hoe-down is 7pm next Saturday the 26th at Chili’s in Bellevue? Under whose name will the table be, since I don;t think I have ever met anyone who is planning to go (unless one of the posters in this string is Jason Lutes or one of the people I played board games with about three weeks ago.

You got the date right Jules. We always recommend people look for Alan Au, because he purchased one of those nifty Quarter to Three T-shirts.

We could try and have a life sized cardboard cut out of Tom Chick wearing a beret and looking like he’s trying to check out the cleavage of unsuspecting girls, but only if you think that would help. :)

But seriously that is always a problem. I’m not sure if you can make reservations at Chili’s, but I will try to give them a call next week. Worst comes to worst, the first one there should get a table, tell the person at the front counter where we are, and maybe put a “Q23 in the house” sign up on the desk. Sound good?

The problem with going to a games place or watching a movie is that you don’t prioritize talking to one another if you do that. Maybe I am just an old fashioned boy, but if you’re not prioritizing chatting one another up, wtf is the point?

Okay, so it looks like so far we have:

Tim (me)


Besides, who wants to deal with driving into (or more specifically, parking in) Seattle?

Yep, I’m in. Though I can’t believe I’m trading in my “wife babysits” credits for a night at Chili’s. Ya’ll better be entertaining! :)

I’ll probably be driving by the general vicinity at the time, U-Haul trailer in tow, moving from LA back up to Vancouver so if you see or hear an idiot in 4Runner with California license plates and a U-Haul trailer in tow, honk your horn and wave. I’ll probably flip you the bird in return but don’t take it to heart.

If it’s not too late for a venue change, might I suggest Shorty’s


Well, it is a saturday, and an edgy bar sounds a lot more fun than Chili’s. Whatever, I’m game.

But it says you have to be 21 to visit Shorty’s. Me and Denny can go, but what about the rest of you guys. :)

Just kidding, I’ll go to shorty’s if everyone else is game.

What I want to know is where the hell is Mark’s name on the coming to the hoedown list? Mark!?

Shorty’s is near downtown Seattle And appears to have no dedicated Parking. I think me and Denny will agree to a no on that one.

Seattle and no parking. Ouch! I didn’t even think of parking, but that does make it harder to get excited about it.

Lets go back to doing Chilis and insist that Jason do his sexy dance for our entertainment. If that’s no fun, we can decide where to head to from Chilis?

Pssh, fine. What, “you people” can’t afford hourly parking?

Honestly, I just hate going downtown.

It’s for intimate, gentle meetings like this one that I really miss the Gibson.

Or what the hell let’s go close down the Owl n’ Thistle.