Secret CIA source claims Russia rigged 2016 election


I’m good with this. Bring it.


Yup. Proven to be capable and smart. Also good enough to survive the RW smears that Clinton couldn’t.


Oh so delicious.


You know he’s got some major stress diarrhea going on.



To be fair, there’s no current indication that Pence played any role in these shenanigans, so that scenario is extremely unlikely. So just for fun, the way VP succession works is that Pence would nominate someone who would then need to be confirmed by both houses of Congress.

That would lead to some interesting negotiations with the House. But the position is not required to be filled and the politically expedient solution might be to just leave it empty. Of course that’s unless there’s some cloud hanging over Pence putting him in jeopardy, in which case they’d want some Republican in the position. But it’d be unlikely that Pence could choose someone crazy, and if that cloud does exist, it’d be in Dems’ interest to block any nominee.

It’s really the only way this movie can end, isn’t it?


And that’s how we end up with President Kasich.


Timex just got a boner and doesn’t know why.


Hey guys maybe President Ryan could make it under the wire!


Except for all the times he swore the Trump campaign had nothing to do with Russia.


Hey guys maybe President Ryan could make it under the wire!

You mean Jack Ryan, that hero that has saved America many times both in the theater and on Netflix? Hell yeah!


I don’t really want to defend Pence, but all he has to do is say that that’s what Trump told him. Unless there’s a smoking gun that he was actively involved, I can’t see an impeachment process just for lying.

But who knows. Things are weird.


Well evidently Donny does read some books. Actually probably not just staffers.


WTF is the deal with Alan Dershowitz?


Hes a fucking clown.


Or, possibly, fucking a Russian clown.


“All my bootlickers can vouch for my innocence! ABSOLVED!”


He gets shunned by the elites in Nantucket. Poor guy.



How do you reject someone cancelling on you?

EDIT: lol, looks like the tweeter misread the article.