Secret World Legends


You’re just giving your SWL character access to the goodies you earned in TSW. You’re not losing anything. YOu’ll still have that stuff for your TSW main character intact.


While I hope they change their position on the character slots, as a very very deep alt-o-holoic (seriously, it is crippling in some games), TSW is the one game where I never felt compelled to have one, oddly.


A good point, but worth noting that TSW is pretty class agnostic. Play long enough and you can unlock everything and play as whatever character you like.

SWL is built around character classes, so the desire for more character slots is understandable.


Wait, no it isn’t, is it? If you’re a new player, you start by choosing two weapons (ie., a class), but you can unlock everything still from that point forward with in-game currency. If you transfer an existing account, you get all weapons unlocked from the start. So I think it is still ‘classless’ - or rather, you can be any class.

(I haven’t logged into SWL yet to confirm any of this - going by hearsay)


Transferring weapons and weapon skins and having leveled up the skills to use them are different issues. SWL’s leveling system (remember, no levels in TSW) makes your character class a little more important than in TSW.


My altoholicness doesn’t like the words you are typing, and seems to contradict what I’ve read. Will have to dig further.


I’ve been trying everything I can find to get a playable install of Secret World classic so I can round out my cosmetic selection before the Legends transfer (and to just play that if I dislike Legends) and every attempt has been unsuccessful. It always wants to migrate the install to Legends. This is an absolutely terrible decision on Funcom’s part.


FTR, I’ve had absolutely ZERO trouble playing in either The Secret World or The Secret World Legends.

No idea why malkav is having problems, but my two separate installs work separately from one another into two separate games and work just fine.


Then you’ve lucked out somehow - it’s all over the forums and reddit. (Or at least, the patcher automatically replacing the game with Legends is - I don’t know why the recommended fix isn’t working for me.)


Simply go to the Funcom website and click on my account. TSW should be listed in the games you have an account for. Clicking on that will take you to TSW classic.

This should work too:

Once you sign in, you can download the client from there.


Yep. I downloaded that, ran it, installed TSW very slowly over several hours, and went to run it, whereupon it started overwriting it with Legends. I tried again, substituting the LocalConfig.xml or whatever that they had there. Same result. Tried a few more times and now it’s just straight up installing Legends.


Oh wow. That’s messed up. Because that’s how I’m currently downloading the classic client to do what you intended to do as well.

Because they are distinct patchers installing to different directories, I thought I had it figured out. Funcom better sort that out pronto.



Yeah, I definitely got the classic patcher the first few times, but the problem is you can’t run the exe without it swapping to the patcher instead, and the patcher will start the Legends autopatch.


Played it for a fair bit last night; Now to find the old QT3 channel and see if they manage to get ‘chat’ working properly this time.

I’m not too impressed by some of the UI work. Hopefully we’ll get some UI mods going soon.

You level weapons using other weapons as ingredients now. You still use AP/SP to pick what traits etc to get tho.


I played a bit but it’s not pulling me in. I think they missed the ball by limiting you to one character slot from the get-go - I make a character and play it a bit and say "I wonder what playing this other type of character would be like… .but it’s such a laborious process to make a new toon and go through the whole early game with them. While you can delete and re-create characters, all the customization up-front is sort or a disincentive to do that. Would have been better to do something like give you 3 character slots to play to level 10, and at 10 you pick one character to keep - that would give you a chance to try different characters and see what you like (plus it would make upselling character slots easier I bet).

Or maybe I’m just getting crotchety in my advanced age!


This was my reaction too. Just ONE character slot? No way to skip the intro if I decide to delete and try another weapon setup? Brutal.


You know, all this time I’d been assuming that like in TSW classic, subscriber benefits (from my lifetime sub) in Legends would get me a steady dripfeed of the freemium currency and so I’d be insulated from the worst excesses of the F2P economy. But nope! You keep the free anima leaps and get a small XP buff plus a few extra keys for loot from dungeons etc, shorter mission cooldowns, one “cache key” a day (for GW2 style locked loot crates, I think), and the ability to actually trade with people. In short, infinitely inferior to subscribing in TSW classic. Except of course that they’re probably not supporting the latter anymore.


If I were you, I wouldn’t play it then. Problem solved!


I’m downloading the client for the new version. It’s been long enough since I played the OG that I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten the solutions to all the puzzles, which was my favorite part of the game.


Yeah, the solution to my $200 investment being fucked with is definitely to completely abandon it.