Secret World Legends


Is that what you paid back in 2012 when the game released? Because, Im kinda assuming you got your moneys worth if you played the game for 5 years for that money.

The new game is different yes, but the one you paid for, is very much still there.


One complaint I have–though I can understand why it is so–is that they’ve really dialed down the difficulty in Kingsmouth on the first set of quests. If you’re super-familiar with those, it can be a chore to do them when there’s so little risk to your character’s life involved.


There are definitely a good share of frustrating things in SWL and how it interacts and doesn’t interact with TSW.

FunCom have always been pretty good about making things good for its players in this game, even if it happens not so quickly. So far for me, there’s nothing super game-breaking here, but if there is stuff that breaks it for others, let’s hope they’re aggressive with fixing.


Except it isn’t, because it’s automatically patched over by the new game, and it’s not being updated anymore even if I could get into it, and there’s no reason to believe they will continue any of the benefits of subscribing to classic TSW other than the fairly irrelevant XP/bullion boosts. Secondly, it’s a lifetime subscription. The whole point is that it continues forever. Making it drastically less valuable isn’t cool.

Here’s the thing: TSW is my favorite MMO, probably. It’s not the most well rounded (WoW), it’s not the best for grouping (GW2, probably), but in terms of story and setting it was the best, bar none. I didn’t sign on for it to turn into this Legends thing, and very few of the changes sound positive to me. Furthermore, the whole patching-classic-into-Legends-without-asking thing is really irritating me so I’m not in the best mood already.

But that said, if I can ever get back into classic to make sure i’ve claimed everything that’ll transfer and make that account transfer, I fully intend to give Legends a fair shot. After all, if I ever want to see new TSW content (and you better believe I do), that’s where it’s gonna be. But it’s silly to pretend like there’s no room for valid complaint.

Edit: Well, I feel stupid. The patcher kept coming up with a “do a full install? Or a Minimal install?” dialogue and since it did that before patching into Legends and it had already spent hours agonizingly downloading many gigs of game, I thought that was what it was doing. Nope!


I played through a bunch of Kingsmouth and it definitely is not instanced, you share the world with other players. The quests are all pretty boring standard MMO stuff, kill a bunch of zombies, run past a bunch of zombies to get to the red circle on the map to kill the next bunch of zombies, rinse, repeat. Funcom is really doing the game a disservice by leaving all that boring shit in the game. They should play to their strengths.


I wish Funcom would take their IPs (Lovecraftian Secret World and Conan) and make strong singleplayer games instead of yawn-inducing MMO-lites and survival crafters with lots of exposed dongs, but maybe that is not where the market is anymore. Shrugs.


Man. Do I pick a different faction, to at least get that difference from when I played this stuff the first time, or do I go with Dragon because they’re still the coolest? Hard choices!


What makes Dragon the coolest? Cause that’s a funny way to spell Templar.


You can now create 3 characters.
There’s also a daily login reward.

And another reward ARG that is almost completed on that gives you a neat gun +++ in game once completed.


If you haven’t played as a Lumie (Illuminati) for Geary’s question completion dialogues, you’ve missed out on some of the drollest stuff in the game. She’s a riot.


The three character slots are a nice, quick response from FunCom to something that a lot of folks wanted.

Now if they’d make the tutorial skippable…


I’d settle for loading times being quicker than the actual shambala pvp match I just played… this is worse than Destiny on the PS-slow.

Ah, no wonder it is slow, the 32-bit game (32-bit mmo in 2017, how quaint)… crashed.


Yay 3 slots. I can play each faction and actually check them out.

I still really favor Templar myself for overall flavor, but at least now I can objective about it.


TSW:Legends wasn’t supposed to be a MMO at all. They were supposed to have ripped all that yawn-inducing shit out of the game and made it tight, like Diablo3.

🎵 Yo my name is Stusser and I’m here just to say, that it didn’t happen that way! 🎵


I’m going to say something surprising here, the transfer of anything from the old secret world was a bad idea.

So i transferred my account. I wasn’t that far, so i didn’t have much, but it gave me 2 extra character slots and it unlocked every skill tree, along with the main ability. This is a pretty large starting advantage and i feel that this is how EVERYONE should start. By giving it to former players of TSW, they likely avoid giving it to everyone and i feel that will hurt the game in the long run.

I do not like how you can spend money to buy AP/SP. This is too much like buying power. Hell it is directly buying power. They should have gone with a payment model of buying clothing and unique appearance customizations. I think a lot of people would have gone for those in a game like secret world. Although they would require a small development staff.

This means of monetizing an old game in ways that don’t require an active development team reminds me a lot of Dungeon Defenders 2 (which was just “released” as well).

It has been a long time since i played the previous version, but i’m getting the feeling that i do not like the changes to gameplay and skills.


Eh, from what I’ve heard, the min/maxers are leveling too quickly so they are actually outpacing the story content, and there are tricks like not picking up Lore pieces to keep you from leveling too fast. So unless you are going for content past the story stuff, hard to image the pay2win is going to be a problem.


For those of us who are somehow enjoying it, make sure to ‘/chat join QT3’ and say hey.


Is there an Illuminati Cabal yet, or chat channel?

/chat join Q23


OK, ‘Q23’, whichever :-)


That may have been what you were hoping they’d do, but they never promised anything of the kind. If anything, they’ve made it more MMOy with all the F2P nonsense and character classes and such.