Sentinels of the Multiverse Play by Forum: Season 3

Game 2 is finished. Game 3 signups will begin soon.

As the thread expands and games are finished, I will add them to the wall of fame below. I will continue to use this thread for games so long as it doesn’t become to hard to find out what is going on. I will try to link to the beginning of each game from the Game List and link at the top to the current game.

Hall of Fame

Game 1 (Victory):
Legacy (jaygittings)
Wraith (Tom Chick)
Tempest (tylertoo)
Bunker (Dreamshadow)
Ra (Gedd)
Grand Warlord Voss (Advanced Mode)
Wagner Mars Base

Game 2 (Defeat):
The Scholar (Andon)
Mr. Fixer (dbtibbs)
Omnitron-X (Chris Gwinn)
Unity (RainRaven)
Fanatic (agapepilot)
The Ennead (Advanced Mode)
The Tomb of Anubis

Game 3 (Victory):
Argent Adept
The Chairman (Advanced Mode)
The Block

Apologies to MarkL for appropriating his thread title from the last forum Sentinels game.

I will try and follow the previous thread formats and keep a physical version of the game running locally and then take pictures on each of my turns of all the decks to make sure we were all on the same page. Since I have all the expansions and a bunch of the promos, we could run almost any combination of heroes and villains from the Enhanced Edition, Rook City and/or Infernal Relics. I’m thinking given everyone’s day jobs, we would try and stick with 24 hours for a player to send in their turn. If this doesn’t work because it is too slow or fast, we can change as needed.

The game format for each player is as complicated as they would like. You can run a full version of the game with heroes/villain/environment at your location, or just keep a running copy of your hero deck/cards in play/cards in hand. I will track everyone’s hp, current buffs and debuffs and will report all this in the thread using screenshots of Sentinel Sidekick.


How dare you sir. Pistols at dawn!

I’m flexible, but I’m partial to – in order of preference – The Wraith, Nightmist, or Tachyon. Just don’t make me be Absolute Zero.

Also, I feel strongly that we shouldn’t play the Little Baby Girlyman Beginner’s Tutorial Version of the game (i.e. we should use the villain’s advanced form).


Would love to be an alternate and will watch with great interest regardless.

Does it matter that I have only the base game?

It shouldn’t as long as you guys don’t mind me posting pics of villain effects and environment effects during those turns. If you want to play at home yourself, we can stick with the base game. If anyone is worried about posting the images/card text I can ask over at Greater than Games for permission first.

I’m all for playing advanced mode on the villains. No babies here.

MarkL…can we duel after the game is finished:)

The Sidekick iOS app has come a long ways as they develop the game app. I suggest screenshots from Sidekick to keep things readily digestible.

Advanced form, eh? You tough guys should take on The Matriarch. Go ahead. Do it. I double-dog dare you.

I don’t mind, and in fact would probably need them. As I mentioned in the other thread, I don’t have the base game yet, so I don’t think there’s any other way I could play at this point.

As for characters, the only time I’ve played has been with Ra, and he was pretty straightforward to play, so I’d probably lean towards him. If the group needs a support character, I wouldn’t mind trying Legacy if he isn’t too complicated.

I will use the sidekick app for sure. Looks like we’ve got Tom as Wraith and Gedd as Ra. I’ll wait to pick mine after Dreamshadow and tylertoo chime in. My pick will also depend on the villain we go with.

Gotta laugh at your Matriarch suggestion, Mark. She is one of those villains that really needs a tailored group in advanced mode. It may be possible with any random 3 heroes, but boy do you have to get lucky.

I wouldn’t want to use The Matriarch in a PBF game anyway. Imagine writing out all of those bird effects every time…

Hrmm… Ive played solo twice and once with my daughters… Im torn between Fanatic and Absolute Zero…

Of course I am being completely unbiased when I say… FANATIC!!! Angelic Hadoken for da winzors! =)

I think Fanatic has some sort of awesome apocalypse card that will make all of us your best friend. Absolute Zero, on the other hand, is a long-term spooling exercise that doesn’t always catch, like trying to start a finicky lawn mower.


No doubt that Zero is a fiddly character, but he is super fun to watch/play when it gets going. Alternating between big spikes of damage to yourself and the bad guys, and then switching over to big heals for yourself is cool. Nightmist does it better (she is in the Infernal Relics expansion) but I like Zero. For a new player, however, I agree with Tom and suggest Fanatic. She is quicker to get going and has a some spectacular cards for massive damage.

So at this point we are waiting on tylertoo to pick a hero. Any thoughts on villains? Advance mode Omnitron or Voss maybe?

I’ll defer to folks more experienced with the game for picking the villain. I’m fine with anything you all think will be fun.

I think Chaplin really wants to be Fanatic. I’ve never played Haka or Bunker, do those get fiddly like Zero?

Nope. Haka is about big hits and spending cards from your hand for a big smash. He also has means to control the environment which is nice. Bunker is fun in that you draw a bunch of cards into your hand to get all your modes and weapons set up, then switching to turret mode to fire two or more a turn. You’ll spend a few turns early filling your hand and getting this set up. You also have lots of ways to recover equipment if things go south. Both are beginner friendly.

Power Armor? I’m in! Iron Ma…er… Bunker is online!

I am sitting this one out, but thought the peanut gallery should still be heard.