Set your alarms to 5.17.19 and let's get a John Wick: Chapter 3 thread started


Because there has been some casting news going on:

Also: Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane and Lance Reddick are back.

Also, also: Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman are in this. And if you don’t know those names, you need to watch some Raid movies -Yayan Ruhian plays Mad Dog in the first and Prakoso in the second, and Cecep Arif Rahman is The Assassin in the second. His fight against Iko Uwais is one of my favourite pieces of action filmmaking in recent years:

I just can’t wait to see this thing.

John Wick: Chapter 2

So some character is called The Tick Tock Man? Why do I think Harlan Ellison is going to sue?


My excitement for this just increased several-fold.


Jason Mantzoukas is one of my absolute favorite people.


Repent, Harleq… uh, Clown Guy!

No, it’s cool, I understand he had a stroke, and now is much less litigious than he was before.

Back in his prime, though, he could take down John Wick merely with his typewriter and twenty blank pages of paper.


I’ve only seen him on Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I loved him in both.


Both of those but also The League. And if you like podcasts, check out How Did This Get Made.


As someone more or less unapologetically loves Drive (1998) I’m also kinda unreasonably enthusiastic about the Mark Dacascos casting. I always felt he deserved more big budget action stuff besides kicking werewolves in the face in Brotherhood of the Wolf, and he definitely has the martial arts chops to go toe to toe with John Wick.


That’s not the guy that hosts Iron Chef, is it?


Huh, apparently it is. I wondered what he’s been up to lately.

This was the sort of nonsense he got up to in Drive:

(I just noticed Albert Wesker totally ripped of Masayo Kato in this movie.)


Just think – what if there’s a John Wick: Chapter 4?


They’d have to get Morgan Freeman!


Soren is there some plot reason everyone just shoots at their feet?


Yes. Mark Dacascos has been implanted with a sci-fi bio-drive thingy, which the bad guys don’t want damaged. So conveniently, they have to shoot him in the legs, or take him down in hand to hand combat. Equally conveniently, the bio-drive lets him punch super hard.


Wonderful to see the art of screen writing has not died.


The movie has a title now: John Wick 3: Parabellum (from “Si vis parcem, para bellum", I assume). The plot has Wick being hunted through the streets of New York City.

If anyone reading this hasn’t seen a John Wick movie yet, it’s like this:


There. Opening day. Taking the day off work to see it. CAN’T WAIT.


I thought you had posted a trailer and I was rolling my eyes at how similar it looked. Oops!


Or maybe

Maybe both.


Okay, I didn’t count the shots in the first clip, but there were a lot. So I did count for the second clip, and there were 16 shots before he had to reload. I’ve got a 9mm that holds I think 10 (?–it’s been many years since I’ve got it out) No idea what kind of gun Wick is sporting there, but that seems a bit many, even for a semi-automatic.