Settlers 7

Patch is out..

Patch Notes

Version 1.03


• The allocation of fancy food to butchers has been improved
• If a teammate gains a dynamic victory point that has been yours, this will not be shown in your interface anymore. A sound will be heard instead
• Added a check if the last game launch was successful. If not, the game options are reset to default

Bug Fixes

• Fixed rare crashes of the auto save function
• Fixed a bug with the screen mode detection that prevented the game from starting
• Fixed failure to unlock next campaign map
• Various client side networking fixes
• Various server side networking fixes
• Various UI fixes
• Fixes for Russian localization
• Streets beneath bridges are no longer visible
• Fixed inaccessible resource piles
• Fixed rare failure to destroy and rebuild work yards in the vicinity of streets
• Fixed bug with a street that was build into the terrain

New Content

• Added the 4 player map: “Crow´s Nest” for skirmish and multiplayer matches
The “Crow´s Nest” has a single marketplace and unevenly spread resources. Additionally, not all sectors have fortifications to protect them. Consider your starting position and choose your strategy wisely. The map is intended to be played by teams of two, east vs west


• Prestige rewards now grant weapons, garments or books
• The readme has been updated
• New hotkeys:

  • Ctrl + 2 = VP screen
  • Ctrl + 3 = Economy menu
  • Ctrl + 4 = Logistics menu
  • Ctrl + 5 = Trading routes menu
  • Ctrl + 6 = Warfare menu
  • Ctrl + 7 = Technology board

Hotkeys are all but useless in this game. And I’ve never actually hit any of those bugs. There are bridges? Where?

The map sounds cool, though, as do the new Prestige awards. Unfortunately those rewards will also speed up the research or military rush.

This has been driving me crazy. I’ve been tweaking my graphics to eke the most out of this game, but I can’t get this one problem to go away.

Camera is stationary, and I’m observing one of my areas. Framerate is steady at about 25-30 fps. Then, every 3-5 seconds, it dips to about 2-5 fps for about a 1-2 seconds. This is constant, and happens no matter where my camera is pointing… be it a huge city or an undeveloped piece of land. Zooming all the way in and pointing the camera down, it still happens.

I have everything set to medium or low… no AA, shadows low, almost all effects disabled. My resolution is 1680x1050. I tried dropping it to a lower resolution, all the way down to 1024x768, and the slowdown still occurs.

I run modern games just fine on this system, with no framerate dips or stutters (Sims 3, Dawn of War 2, Trine, Empire Total War, etc). This is the only one that gives me problems.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s the DRM pinging the server every 3-5 seconds to validate my copy that is causing these hitches. I’ve checked to see if there is hard drive activity during these frame drops (accessing the page file for instance), and there is none. I have however noticed that every time there is a frame drop, there is network activity on my router.

I tried disabling all music/sound effects, and the hitches still happen.

Also, I’m running the latest patched Steam version of the game.

My system:

P5 3.4ghz hyperthreaded
GeForce 9800 GT 1 gig (latest drivers)
SB Audigy 2 (latest drivers)
2 gig RAM

Does Ubi recommend forwarding any ports for their Launcher for this game? You could try that.

So the drm is causing crap performance? Whats the the qt3 policy on cracks (as opposed to piracy) because surely removing drm would fix drm based problems?

Given the frame rate issues due to AV software that some are experiencing in BF:BC2, I was thinking the same thing. He might also check the BF:BC2 thread to see what players have done with their AV software to eliminate the lag. Maybe something similar needs to be done for S7.

I don’t think that Tom wants cracks linked. Or at least I don’t because too many of those sites carry trojans.

I don’t remember what Tom’s stance is on no-cd cracks and the like - certainly linking to full game downloads is a big huge no-no.

That you don’t want it, because of Trojans seems a bit strange. It’s not your call and you don’t have to click anything linked here.

What is the deal??? I can’t not want something?? I said I WANTED it, too bad you don’t seem to want me to want something. Go stick it up somewhere else.

Relax Lorini, Hanzii wasn’t trying to give out to you about anything. I was a bit confused about your comment aswell.

On the other hand, yes the general consensus is that you don’t link cracks or anything like that. If you must use them Google should be more then adequate for you to find what your looking for.

I still think I ought to be able to want what I want to want. I also want a million dollars. Should I ask permission? As long as I don’t say “well I think you should not do this”, but instead own the comment, I don’t see the issue here. The comment was about me, not about the forum nor about how Tom should run the forum.

Hey now, lets not get all Meta-Forum here. I’m pretty sure both me and Hanzii are agreeing with you. We don’t want that stuff linked here either.

And of course you can want what you want. Your opinion is your own, not subject to anyone else’s.

Right, that was my entire point. I thought Hanzii was way out of line in trying to tell me that I can’t want what I want. That’s silly, imo.

Sure, I could have gone into some great litany of why linking to crack sites is bad, but who wants to hear all that again? So I thought I’d say what I wanted, keeping it personal, so to speak.

Thanks for the intervention McKnight.

Well I wouldn’t call it an intervention…


So can anyone confirm that the DRM effects game performance? I’d see this as being a pretty big deal. Whatever about the always online argument, we can talk in circles all day people, but if DRM is negatively effecting the game while I’m playing it that’s a serious problem.

It has not affected my performance, which is all I can really say :). Flyingj started a thread here on the Settlers forum, and other people are having the same problem and since the DRM is pinging people all the time, it makes sense to me that it could affect performance.

Sorry for asking :p

In that little fight above, someone did mention disabling anti virus. Try that first.

DRM be damned, this game is awesome. I love city builders & resource management games and the fast pace really sets this game apart. The settlers of catan style victory conditions just put it over the top.

A few questions:

When a site runs out of resources, like a quarry or a fishing spot, is it best just to demolish the building? Does this reclaim any resources?

Does the campaign ever ramp up and present you with interesting scenarios or is just an extended tutorial. I am wondering if it is worth it to just jump straight into skirmish once I have a handle on things and never look back.

Campaign ramps up a bit, but it’s not like omgamazing or anything.

Demolishing work camps refunds the tools, and I think you get some of the resources back from buildings when you knock 'em down.

Any demolished building that currently has a resource will teleport that resource to the main warehouse once the rubble clears. ANd yeah, Work Yards return 1 tool and free up a population spot.

I usually leave the mountain lodge or forest lodge. Why? Because it provides one population. Unless I need to clear it to make room for something else, of course.