Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Ms Croft if you're nasty



Not sure how far through I am. As advertised the climbing is fun, although whoever invented lateral leaps while hanging off the underside of an overhang needs a punch in the nose.

The ramp up in combat, if it’s what I’ve just hit, seems fine IMO. It’s more enjoyable than the other fights against soldiers, both by being simpler and making Lara seem more tomb raidery and less psychopathic. Although that is partially because the attackers seem less human, which I suppose might not be true on reflection. Don’t know what is yet to come of course.

The various little quests around Paititi seem pretty weak fetch quests so far. Interesting to compare this to Assassins’ Creed. I think this is the first TR with this kind of thing. Both series seem to be moving a bit RPGwards at the same time.


I am almost 9 hours in and still don’t have a lockpick, but know of at least 2 maybe 3 chests now that I must open with one. Grrrr.


12 hours and same :)


Pretty sure you’re at the point where you can buy the lock pick from a vendor. They all have different inventories.


Only found 1 vendor so far, but I’ll push the story further!


Vendor spoiler: There is a vendor that is only unlocked during a quest in the village.
She has some of the unique items, like the lockpick. Be warned, once you visit her she disappears and will reappear at various spots later in the story. Pick and choose what you buy from her if you don’t have enough gold.


Which village?




Spoiler I don’t have a spoiler I just felt left out.


Yeah I am past that vendor now, glad I had like 9000 in coin, been selling gold and jade like crazy!

Went back and cleaned up some of the starting areas, still no shotgun, so that one area is still off limits.

Some pics:

The challenge tombs in this game are fantastic.

I am currently 43% complete, and just past the part in the hidden city where:

The queen’s kid gets kidnapped.

It’s weird going 2-3 hours with no combat at all. D:


And from no combat , I end up doing almost back to back murder rooms, one on the main story, one on a side story… D:

I am pretty sure I killed 45+ enemies in the span of an hour.

Still some sweet locations, but the constant green is starting to get old.

So glad when I finally got this:

Few more pics:

21 hours clocked so far, my dialect levels are so low still. There must be a ton of content ahead.

Pro-tip , get the temp invulnerability after healing skill asap after getting to the hidden city. Much regret in not picking that sooner.


Watching Tom stream this last night for the second time, you can just tell how much he is enjoying the game and the story. I can’t wait for his review. :)

Anyone else still playing?


Sure, I really enjoyed the first two and am enjoying this one also. It’s pretty much MOTS, though they have added some additional stealth mechanics (you can see the Deus Ex influence there) and some additional take downs. They have added more tombs and the combat is less over at least the first half of the game, which is what some have been clamoring for. Great game so far, really enjoying it.


I beat it over the weekend. The writing is still terrible, but I enoyed the increased focus on tombs and puzzles, and I like the setting more than Siberia. The mud stealth mechanic is a neat addition, but I wish there’d be larger arenas to use it in when the combat does happen.

Ultimately though, it’s more of the same.


Am I right in thinking Lara has no way to just lower herself off an edge now? It’s dramatic leap or nothing as far as I can tell. I also think it strange she can’t lower a rope without first performing a death-defying leap onto an ice surface she slaps her ice axes into. Seems like that’s a lot of work when just… lowering the rope might work.

Lot of fun overall though. I bet it’s a a different experience if you don’t spend time in the tombs - strange that the best bits are optional. Paititi I found particularly dull personally - no acrobatics and some pretty basic questing. If they’re going to be a pseudo rpg they need to study some rpgs.


C key works on PC, to drop and hang from a ledge.


With a controller, you walk to the edge and hit B to lower yourself and hang off the edge. That’s with the white climbable ledge, of course.


Just to be clear, that was sarcasm right? :)

I still remember that amazing review of Rise by Tom.


He sighed heavily during cut scenes, seemed to hate all the finding relics / hidden spots /dialogue moments, and died a lot when trying to jump and attach a pick axe to a wall. Also he didn’t like the puzzles he encountered. So yep, my comment above was sarcasm. :)

After playing all 3, I myself find the first one to be the best, even if the Tomb Raiding is better in Rise and pretty damn near perfect in Shadow.