Shadow Warrior 3 - Even more Wang

Let’s do this.

I"m in! When!?

I think all we know is 2021.

I usually don’t pre-order things, but day one on this one.

Yeah, day one preorder for me too.

Awesome! I had kind of hoped Flying Hogs would go back to their Hard Reset sci-fi setting, and bring it some of the variety and progression from Shadow Warrior 2. But they obviously have so much enthusiasm and affection for the Shadow Warrior stuff. And I’m such a sucker for the low-brow Lo Wang schtick. Can’t wait!


I was worried about them ditching their in-house engine for UE4, but Shadow Warrior 3 looks terrific.

After selling their company a few years ago, Flying Wild Hog have massively expanded to over 200 staff and are now a two project studio. Their next game, which will be unveiled later this year, is another reboot of a dormant FPS franchise but it’s not a sci-fi property.

Well there goes my hope for the gritty Chex Quest reboot of my dreams.

We were so close! :(

17 minutes of Wang have been exposed to the public:

It’s the colours I like. It’s just all so pretty.

Bit more I guess…

Ohhhhh fun

Wang denied til 2022.


Hopefully they’ll use the extra time to hire a copyeditor!


First time I recall seeing what Wang looks like. In first person I always pictured him as a much older man. This young Wang doesn’t fit my mental image at all.

Have you played any of the reboots?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You don’t agree that he looks like in his late 40s or early 50s, maybe even late 50s in that cutscene? Certainly much much older than the one lordkosc posted above. Maybe that is the cutscene where I formed my mental image from, not just his voice.