Shots Fired in Dallas, Primarily at Police Officers


How can one get sniper-class rifles? OMG!

4 officers dead now.

Feels like the shooters must have had military training. Picked targets carefully, fired from coordinated positions, didn’t hit anyone but police targets.

Clearly it’s a false flag operation…right?

If only thousands of the protestors also had weapons, this would have ended better.

Jesus fucking Christ…where the fuck do we go from here?

I’m in disbelief. 11 officers, 4 dead, and at least 1 civilian shot. Snipers from an elevated position targeting cops.

It was a peaceful protest, but it seems at least two gunmen had their own horrible agenda for the event.

Aren’t they employing the 2nd amendment to resist a tyrannical government and oppressive police force that is actively murdering people? Surely one of the purposes of the 2nd amendment is so that the people can rise in insurrection against unjust authority.

Any hunting rifle can be used to snipe. It’s more a descriptor of the tactic than the equipment.

And the other end:

Joe blocked me when I retweeted it to the FBI. ;)

Holy cow. I kind of ignored the headline and figured it was just a random gunshot from a crowd and everyone dispersed.

Too many dead people these days.

The person of interest who’s photo was distributed and his brother have turned themselves in.

They also have just tweeted, which tells me that the cops may not have their shooters after all.

@CoryLHughes @BrianKJRH my brother and I are at the Dallas Police Station now! Please let the world Know he had nothing to do with this.

Very sad situation. I’m sure that most police officers are good people and these men had nothing to do with the incident which caused this whole situation.

FWIW, the DPD is considered a model police force. They’re transparent, active in the community, and excessive force complaints in DFW has decreased 64% since their de-escalation policies went into effect in 2009.

Before this awfulness, people were tweeting out pictures of themselves as protesters standing next to smiling police officers.

When the shots rang out, many officers ran to cover protesters. Others, of course, ran to the sound of the shots.

@actarticulated 41m41 minutes ago

Picture circulating is not a suspect. It is mark hughes, brother of organizer Corey hughes. Gun not loaded and given to police

Graphic video of an officer being shot at point-blank range

Guy rushes up from a building column about 15 feet away while cop is pinned on the other side of another column. Definitely looks like he has some legit training. If he’s not former SWAT or military, then I bet he’s attended some sort of civilian tactical rifle training.

I don’t normally watch these videos. Horrifying.

I agree and I think whatever the shooters have in mind is a terrible idea, however if their perspective is that of someone involved in insurrection against an oppressive government, then all organs of said repression would be valid targets.

I think that the shooter(s) are doomed, whatever the case. They have done a terrible thing tonight, there can be no upside to this.

I live about 3-4 miles away from this - several sirens going off and Baylor hospital (right nearby) is in full on crisis mode.Still talk of a bomb threat - press conference in 30 minutes.

I’m sad for my city. A peaceful protest that terrorists tried to use to their advantage. It’s disheartening.