Sid Meier's Starships

Take command of a fleet of powerful starships in this adventure-driven strategy game from legendary designer Sid Meier.

Coming Spring 2015 to Steam, the Mac App Store and iPad

I dunno. I could get on board for a big studio FTL in a number of circumstances, no question. But is that what this is?

Seriously, not only does that trailer show nothing about the game, the script is dull, and the production values ultra low budget. To cap it off, they used the same Indian voice actress from Beyond Earth for narration. Evoking Beyond Earth is not good for my expectations of a new game.

My thoughts as well. Right away, I was thinking “Her again?”

Geez, guys. It’s a teaser trailer. It’s got hand-drawn art that I thought was evocative, though my expectations are always modest for Firaxis on the art front. I was honestly expecting it was going to be a transparent Pirates! reskin, but the story sounds like it has some kind of liberation theme to it that at least feels different. And judging the game based on the trailer’s voice actor??

ya it should rather be jugded on the bland ingame screens which really scream:“Nothing new to see here, please look somewhere else for anything interesting”.

Is the 19th Jaded Gamer Day, already? I need to update my calendar.

I’m certainly intrigued. Playing Elite has got me in the mood for more space-type games. Though admittedly I’m not quite sure what “adventure-driven strategy” means.

The Firaxis name is more a signal of avoid rather than buy these days.

There’s nothing else in there. The art says nothing, the script says nothing. With so little in the trailer, the voice actress stands out, but only because we’ve heard her before in Beyond Earth. There, she stood out because she was voicing all the factions, including the Russians and the Africans. If you’ve played a lot of Beyond Earth, the voice in the trailer is highly visible, whether that’s “fair” or not.

It is relevant, despite your assumptions. When all the quotes in game run together and you’re not sure who is speaking because it’s always the same voice, that stands out. Voice acting isn’t expensive, it’s usually one the cheapest development costs unless you hire a Name, and Firaxis cut corners in a highly visible area. It said something about Beyond Earth’s budget, and that they’re re-using her says something about the budget for Starships.

As far as it being a “teaser,” it’s a game that’s due out within a month or two. It’s not common to have such an empty trailer for an imminent release. Trailers that don’t show gameplay are never interesting, and they should be able to show just about everything about gameplay at this point.

What the hell has happened to Firaxis lately?

Hrm … Planet’s Edge, perhaps?

Nothing unusual. It seems that Beyond Earth was a misfire, but Civ V and XCOM were successes despite some people’s complaints.

When it comes down to it, none of us can say whether or not Starships will be good based on the teaser trailer.

Is there any chance it could actually be a Sid Meier design? Sid Meier could make Chicken Farmer an addictive game if he was the one who actually designed and developed it.

Or is this another one where Sid Meier is just a label?

IANAFiraxis employee, but I’d heard rumors that he was working primarily on other projects rather than BE, and this could be one of them.

Much as I loved Planet’s Edge, I doubt this will be that. And while Telefrog is correct, there’s very little we can tell from the trailer about the game, the lack of effort and the iOS version strongly indicates it will not be an AAA title. My expectations are for something with Ace Patrol’s budget.

Though the trailer didn’t show any real meat (wouldn’t be surprised if that was the opening movie from the game) I am still cautiously optimistic. Not going to preorder or anything crazy like that, but I’ll keep an open mind (granted, I avoided BE so I don’t have any angst/anger from that to deal with).

I would have played the crap out of that.

Sid Meier himself is still making good games, I got hopes. The rest of you can sod off :)

Y’all are a bunch of haters (disclaimer: I avoided BE). If it turns out to be Ace Patrol… in… spaaaace, then I will be a happy camper.