Silicon Valley (HBO)


I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m pretty sure is was the season finale.


The whole thing felt almost Entourage-like in how well it ended, despite how grim everything looked right before that. Jared with another great episode though.


Jared and Bachman killed it the last couple episodes. Really fun ending to the season.

If the series doesn’t end with Big Head running Hooli then I’ll be pissed!


It’s nice to see a great show end a season [I]without[/I] a cliffhanger. It looks like Laurie is out, and few will miss her. Bachmanity forever! It’s nice to see Erlich come into his own. I’ve liked him a lot more since his coughing-fit eureka a few weeks back.

I want to go back an episode and talk about the ending of the second-to-last show. The extended sequence depicting the daily life of a Bangladeshi click-farmer seemed very out-of-character for the show, but it was powerful. They lingered on that huge, mostly silent room for what seemed like several minutes. I’m not sure exactly what point they were trying to make. Perhaps it was simply to contrast the high-tech lifestyles in the valley with the tide of humanity on the underside of the internet. Or one of the undersides.


Bachman’s jerking off/PR analogy was peak Erlich.

The last few moments of the episode were incredibly funny though.

“Oh… it is Jin-yang… I’ll let him have this one…”

“You know you can stay here for one year, rent free?”

“We have a secret!”

And the Jared/Richard scene where Jared was mimicking Richard’s every move.

I love this show, and I love that the fact that Gavin Belson’s stupidity and love of using animal metaphors are what lost him Pied Piper, yet again. Though, i think it was a bit odd that a coderag wallpaper was on a Hooli office computer.


I thought this was a great finale that is going to be overlooked because it had to follow Game of Thrones. On the other hand, everything is basically back to square one for Pied Piper/Big Head: no money, no investors, and everyone working out of Erlich’s house – and they did a great job of showing but not telling that with the end scene mirroring the beginning of the series. Hopefully season 4 doesn’t retread the same plotlines as the first season.


Only 1 episode into S3, casting Stephen Tobolowsky for this season is the most glorious thing ever.


Some really fantastic episodes this season, Meinertzhagen’s Haversack, The Alcatraz party, the Pied Piper jacket, seeing Gavin Belson up on the roof. I have 2 episodes to go!


Google Coder Analyzes a Billion Files to Find a Winner in Tabs vs Spaces Debate



It’s one of the greatest battles ever fought among coders: Should you
use the tab button or five spaces when you’re indenting in source-code?

This has to be a subtle troll. Not a single code base in the universe uses five-space indentation.


Jared is so good. So good.


Looking good


I lol’d pretty good at the mansplaining bit.


Season 4 premiere is this Sunday! HYPE!




Man the season premier was real let down. I think there have been at least two laugh out loud funny scenes in every episode. Tonight I think may have chuckled a few times.


I felt the same way, pretty much, but the preview for next week looked like a return to form. I think that this week was to set up the coming season.


Ya the season previews look good. I’ve been a bit disappointed in Better Call Saul, and the Americans early in the season so it was really let down to have all 3 of my favorite shows start off pretty slow.


I thought it was pretty great. I think that it ended up a bit uneven because there was so much plot being set up for the new season as a whole.

I loved it. I loved that Monica’s new desk had an unfortunate view, as well as the callback during the final scene. Excited to see Kumail get a bigger role in the spotlight this season.

“If I vote yes, I get to watch you fail spectacularly, and if I am wrong, I make a shit-load of money, either way I win”


I watched part of a few episodes and just couldn’t get into this. It felt shallow and awful just like Entourage. I expect a washed out porn star to make a featured appearance.

Is there a plotline or episode arc that might get me into it? The subject matter should interest me since I’m running two startups right now, but I couldn’t stand the dialog and characters.