Silicon Valley (HBO)


Another home run. Has anybody been able to make out what was on the back of the jacket?


“Pied Piper: Because awesome world changing compression company would take up too much space.”

Clever :)


Silicon Valley is just so good. To have Gavin fall into the same position Hendrix (and Big Head) was in was unexpectedly hilarious. I’m not sure what I liked better Bachman becoming “CEO” or the Gilfoyle/Dinesh scene at the coffee shop.


I think the plane was a great bait and switch. I imagine every audience member was expecting a line about carbon footprint and them ride sharing the planes. Instead we got billionaires reaching out via online chess.


Yeah, it was one of these splendid moments where the show screws with the audience and sets up something just to pull the rug under your feet.

Gilfoyle using the jacket to embarrass Dinesh and even getting rewarded with public admiration in the process - another great part of the episode.


When Richard finds Laurie at the VC dinner, she’s talking to a man.

"Laurie: What in God’s name is the reason to get a higher education?

You can just buy a megafreeze for 35 cents."

What the heck was that conversation about?


Scramble With Friends – she was talking to Mark Pincus.


Thank you! I would have never figured it out.


Amanda Crew could make anything look good.


I mean, I think we all knew they weren’t really going to share a plane, right? But that’s the beauty. We all recognize the absurdity of the situation, we know we’re being set up for a gag, but if you’ve been watching the show all along, you know these characters aren’t about to have a true moment of clarity. We see the bait and switch coming, but the execution is still perfect and wonderful.





When you encode video, you really should use VP10. Otherwise the splines aren’t properly reticulated. So obvious, people.


It’s been said before here in this very thread, but hey: Zach Woods keeps on knocking it out of the park in every episode. Jared, in some ways, is the anchor of the show. Pretty much all of the other characters have a moment of sheer stupidity or asshole-ishness - Jared doesn’t. Also, Jared turning out to be a womanizer a few episodes ago was one of the few parts where the show’s plot did exactly what I thought it would do - but Woods’s delivery simply made it insanely enjoyable.

I’m really digging the third season and, so far, no signs of wear and tear. Of course, it helps that Silicon Valley only has 10 episodes per season unlike comedy shows/sitcoms produced by other networks, i.e. 20+ per season.


Agreed. Zach Woods is killing it.


Pied Piper’s platform could be a rambooster that actually works! :P


Hey guys, I don’t watch the show, but I thought I’d share that they actually came and filmed at our company a few months back. Several co-workers were actually extras. The internals are our offices, but not the external shots.

My coworkers who DO watch the show are just totally gonzo about it.


I love what they came up with for Pied Piper in this episode too, the way Richard explains it to the focus group. They really came up with something spot on, in that it would be amazing to engineers, but really hard to explain and utilize by everyday users unless marketed in a way to make it simple to understand. Brilliant stuff.

Pipie: I see you’re trying to compress a video, let me show you how to do it in six simple clicks.


Yeah, they have some truly excellent advisers on this show. Some of the IT related technical and marketing jargon meta is just superb.


That was really great.

Spoiler from last night’s episode

“Monica I love you” made me almost fall out of my seat laughing.

Was that the season finale? It felt like the end of a chapter in the story. Great season.