Silicon Valley (HBO)


He’s… a little nutty. But he is right that the character was a bit one note and it was arguably time to move on.


He sounds like he is way too far up his own ass.


If they ever make a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers movie, Miller could play Fat Freddy.


He sounds a lot like Erlich


That could have been a series finale if it had ended there. I like that Gavin is coming back as a nemesis, and that he offered to buy Pied Piper again, like in the first episode.


I thought the comments about Alec Berg were a joke, and he worked with Thomas Middleditch for 10 years already! So he can’t dislike him that much?


Hey! No fair! What were you going to say?


It was some dumb story about Kim Dotcom, which seemed to be basically reprising the plot of the last season of SV. But then I realised it was from RT.


Speaking of the last season of the show, was anyone else kind of disappointed by it, compared to the previous three?


Yeah. I mean, it’s still pretty damn entertaining, but I’m fine with not having to revisit the “Richard becomes an utter asshole. then comes to realize the error of his ways, comes clean and does something great in the process” plot arc again and again.


Yeah, me.


Here’s the teaser for the new season. Even though I didn’t enjoy the last season as much as the earlier ones, I’m still looking forwards to the new shenanigans!

And yep… Still love Jin-Yang!


That looks fun.


Their social media team is real good.