Silo: Hugh Howey's Wool series gets a TV show

Comes out 5/5. Starring Rebecca Ferguson. Very excited about this!

That trailer made me go look up the books on Amazon and the whole trilogy costs 1.99 right now (on kindle).

Read these right when Wool initially got popular back around 2012ish. Great books!

That looks really cool, and it looks a lot like how I imagined things reading the book. Though I guess with a silo, there’s only really so many ways you can go. But also - I think I saw Rashida Jones in there!

I would really like it if they did explain the backstory to the audience first. However, I very much doubt they could or even would do that. From the books, from what I remember, it is not really explained.

It is explained in the 3rd book, I think, interspersed with the main narrative. It’s part of the big reveal at the end. The entire suspense of the story is wrapped up in not knowing why they are in the silo.

The second book, Shift, is largely a prequel that leads up to the Silo’s existence. As @Clay said, NOT knowing the history as the story starts is key to the narrative. I’m actually wondering how they are going to handle book 2 since it involves completely different characters. If it were me as showrunner, I would intermingle books 1 and 2 for 2 seasons.

I’ve enjoyed the books so far. They’re very depressing, so I can only read them a little at a time. The first book took me about a year to read, and I’ve been reading the second book for about 2.5 years and I’m about half way through I think.

Good series.

Edit: I just watched the trailer. They did a good job with some of the iconic images the books evoke.

I just realized I’ve only read Wool, and there are more books after that. Cool, I’m picking up that linked series above.

According to my Kindle library, I bought the Wool Omnibus Edition in 2012. (Likely on a sale from the eBook bargain thread here.) It’s 500+ pages. Given it’s been gathering digital dust for 11 years, I’d be silly to drop $1.99 to get the next two books too, right?

Yeah, my Hugh Howey Kindle backlog is now up to 1663 pages.

I’m kind of envious of you guys reading this for the first time. It’s excellent.

New trailer:

Sigh…why did it have to be Apple TV.

It is a show about people who are forced to live in a closed ecosystem after all.

It’s been too long since I’ve read the trilogy, but that trailer looked like it had elements from all three books in it. Seems smarter to concentrate on book 1 and part of 2, for a first season.

Does Apple TV do a freebie trial? I’d take them up on it to watch this.

Apple has a freebie trial, and also 3 months free if you have Xbox Gold I think.

This is sitting at 100% on RT so far (only 11 reviews though). 2 episodes drop at midnight EDT tonight.

First 2 episodes were quite good. Episode 2 is largely all new extrapolation from just a couple of lines in Wool, so it was cool to see new plot even though I know the overall story. Hugh Howey did an AMA on Reddit yesterday and said there is a decent amount of that this season.

Sets and production time are freaking amazing. The silo looks gigantic (bigger than I pictured it). Acting has been all around good, but Common hasn’t had many lines yet…

So I don’t know much of anything about the story or how it is structured at all, but the Polygon review basically states that the first two episodes (and the ones that are released) are completely different than the rest of the story?

— Alan