Single-Elimination Tournament for Qt3 PC Game of the Year

Here’s the idea (taken from the Rotten Tomatoes forum): 8 of the best PC games that were released in 2003 are nominated. Then they battle each other in terms of quality in a series of 1-on-1 polls. The winner is declared the Qt3 Game of the Year.

The cool thing is that not only is a winner declared, but you get to see results of single matchups. Does Qt3 prefer Call of Duty to Gothic 2?, for example.

Here are the current nominees in alphabetical order. If you’d like them changed make your requests here.

Age of Wonders 2: Shadow Magic
Call of Duty
Dominions 2
Gothic 2
Knights of the Old Republic
Rise of Nations
Tron 2.0

I don’t think its necessary to move to 16 nominees. If you guys are happy enough about this idea though it can be done.

Standard tournament format: 4 first round games, two semifinal matches, and then the final.

The tournament can begin once the entries are worked out, so somebody should say if a potential great game is still coming down the pipeline in 2003.

A little PC-heavy, no? From that list of nominees, KOTOR winning is a no-brainer, so I hope those 1-on-1 showdowns live up to the hype.

Check the title of the thread, Jobe. ;)

I’d add
GTA:Vice City

I really think this is a good idea BK, but I fully believe Planetside should be a nominee. The game owned the messageboard during the 2 months around release, and the qt3 squad was formidable at its peak. Everyone I know who played enjoyed themselves at some point, whether it was during a massive base attack, or holding a base hack with just three guys and the better part of the TR coming through the door, or just having Grisha drop his gal on you. Don’t let a poor pricing scheme deny Planetside its due.

I agree that Planetside should be a nominee, and GalCiv as well. This is going to get chaotic really quickly, though. If you guys really want to do this, then there needs to be some sort of formalized nomination system.

Yeah, if Planetside were in there the final showdown would have to be KotOR versus Planetside. KotOR would still win, though, unless I can manage to drop my ANT on top of it from Grisha’s dropship just as it steps up to claim its reward.

This list makes me more upset about the HL2 delay. :?

IMO, any list of nominees should include Disgaea, Dark Cloud 2, Viewtiful Joe, and Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. Maybe even Project Gotham Racing 2, SSX3, and Prince of Persia.

And I hate to think of Brian Koontz being the arbiter of any list of games of the year. Particularly if we’re going to stick a Qt3 designation on it…


Then start arbiting, Tom! You just elected yourself. Though Brian was looking for PC games (as stated in the thread title), I have no problem with a platform-neutral list.

IMO, any list of nominees should include Disgaea, Dark Cloud 2, Viewtiful Joe, and Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. Maybe even Project Gotham Racing 2, SSX3, and Prince of Persia.

hehe, good games all, but…the thread is PC games only I think, no?

Check the title of the thread, Jobe. ;)[/quote]

This is for you too Tom. Stick to PC games or for God’s Sake it will turn into Gamecube versus Xbox schwag! I don’t need to see anymore Dave Long versus DaveABC title fights.

Let me echo a vote for GalCiv’s inclusion.

Though I’m not a huge fan of the game, I’d suggest inserting GalCiv in place of Vietcong–I think Call of Duty did everything Vietcong did better, with the only real difference being setting.

These are fun - gamesdomain used to do them way back when the site didn’t suck - but it’s pretty obvious Kotor is going to win a poll on this site, anyway

I remember voting in those. Holy crap. Has it been that long since GD began their slide? Don’t get me wrong, I still visit, but I sure miss the Target Range and Strategy columns.

Top PC games or something

Damn, I suck. Sorry guys, have fun with the tourney.

I dunno, I can think of a few on here, myself included, who’ll be pulling strong for Dominions 2…

Fallout2 should’ve won :P

Oops, I suck too. I missed those two letters in the subject header.

Still, I’m a hardcore platform agnostic, so any list for me would include console titles. Of course, Mark and I will have to do some bare-knuckle boxing to resolve the issue as it stands for an official Qt3 selection.