Sins of a Solar Empire 2 : the sequel that took 15 years to make

What a pleasant surprise.

I liked a fair bit the base game, but I never got around to trying the expansions, except the first one. I always intended to come back to it at some point but well, you know how this works. When I noticed a decade had passed already, ops!

Its still really fun, and worth playing.

Today is a great day. Good luck Blair and the rest of your team. Kick it out of the park please!

Hold your horses, there! …I don’t really have a follow-up, I just really wanted to make that pun.

Carry on.

Cool. Much as I ultimately enjoyed the later iterations of SoaSE it never quite lived up to the potential of that RT4X label. Sounds like this iteration may be an attempt to make good on that long-ago promise, I’ll be watching with interest.

Yep, it has aged pretty well

Any links which explicitly state it is 64-bit? It “sounds” like it is, but the article doesn’t come right out and say it:

“If you remember Sins 1 and the expansions, given the technology at the time, and the number of units we were using, we were only able to do four banks. All weapons in a bank had the same firing solutions and acquired the same targets. It was just a computational necessity.”

Multi-threading was still new, and the limitations of 2008’s technology forced Ironclad to keep things straightforward. But 15 years of advances have allowed the team to make individual turrets and fully-simulated missiles—things Fraser and his fellow designers wish they could have done before—a reality. “Not only does it look awesome, but from a tactical point of view, it introduces a whole bunch of new changes to the combat mechanics.”

The main reason I stopped playing Sins was this hard computational and RAM limit. It made massive maps unplayable, etc.

It’s 64bit. I helped write the engine but I also wrote the line on the website that confirms it.

Thanks! congrats - really looking forward to this - hoping you all can keep us informed as usual.

Our technical preview is out today! For more info and details on the phases of early access , check out our forum post here.

This technical preview is the game in its earliest form. We really want to be able to make dramatic changes based on player feedback and allow it the opportunity for meaningful impact during development. This means that we’ll be trying out a lot of things - and not all of those things will work!

You can check out Brad’s post here to learn more about expectations and hopes for this period. If you have any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them here. :)

Thanks for being awesome!

Thanks Tatiora (and Brad).

FYI for folks - Early Access appears to be a preorder for $39.99 on Epic:

Is it on Steam too? I didn’t see it there…

GalCiv 4 is EGS only, I assume this is the same.

That would cost them a lot of sales, I expect. I know it’d cost them mine.

Given they are releasing the game in a very Early Access phase, I guess by the time is finished the game will be out too in Steam.

That’s what I thought about GC4 but as far as I know it’s still Epic exclusive.

Oh, man, this is really going to test my no-EA principles.

In GC4’s case, it prob cost me the sale outright, because what I’ve heard about GC4 has been that it’s kinda mediocre. It’s no Old World.

I think it kinda made sense for Stardock to take the money, but they did pay a price for it.

Interesting. I figured it would make use of the nitrous engine, but Ironclad wanted to work with their own engine. That reminds me, I should go see how Oxide Games new project is coming along.

That’s what I’d have thought too, so I wasn’t worried about it, but Kevin’s right that GC4 didn’t go that way.

In a case like this I always figure it’s worth telling the devs that I’d cheerfully buy their game, and in this case likely at full price, if they put it on a service (Steam, GOG, etc) I’m willing to do business with.