Sins of a Solar Empire 2 : the sequel that took 15 years to make

Appreciate all the insight! We’ll be adding in many QoL features over the coming months, but those and balance aren’t a huge focus for us right now during the technical preview stage. Game systems are our primary concern at the moment! I will continue to keep everyone updated here as we add new features and work on polishing the game throughout our development.

Thanks again for playing!

For systems, I’m pretty happy with where things are at in a macro sense (with the caveat we only have one faction of course), market aside. One thing that might be interesting would be more research directly grappling with the movement of sectors, eg late game tech that tells you which sectors are going to come into range next and when, or wormhole travel so you don’t have to wait.

Okay, I finally got the chance to really play a game for a while… quick thoughts.

  1. I’m liking a lot of what I’m seeing, but there’s also a lot that’s sorely missing from the original game. Like fleet management, which is basically nonexistent here. The UX has some nice improvements, but feels crude and spartant compared to the first game (assuming this is placeholder.)

  2. Battles feel completely different. You can have MASSIVE fleets with well over a hundred ships and that many more fighter squadrons, to the point where ships are basically melting in seconds. Hell, I had an almost fully upgraded Argonev go from full strength to blowed up in about 20 seconds. It was pretty insane to watch. And the enemy didn’t even have Orgrovs.

  3. Okay, I’m getting a better feel for exotics. So, yeah, it’s another way to gate the game. When you build something that requires an exotic, it queues it up at a refinery. (Or build them in advance).

  4. Research is really slow. You got rid of separate military and civilian science stations, but at least that meant you could have two research projects going on at any time. Here, both military and civilian goes to the same queue, which really slows things down.

  5. The game remains a time suck, even more so. Good and bad.

Is there any way to replace existing component slots or planetary slots?

Drag them out.

Heh, I tried selecting it and hitting delete to scrap it. But I ended up scrapping the entire planet.

I do like the mix of the traditional capital ship powers, and then the exotic-powered component ugprades. Lets you customize, so you can have two Kols that specialize in different areas.


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to drop a note here for anyone who has pre-ordered Sins 2 and has access to the technical preview that we have a new update available on test edition right now. :) It’s fairly massive and includes some nice enhancements to multiplayer, updates to TEC Rebel upgrades, a major update to the trade system, and lots more.

You can read the changelog in its entirety here. We really appreciate everyone’s feedback and support!


Trade changes sound interesting but I think I’ll have to see them in action to get a sense of what it means in practice.

Got time-sucked into the test build yesterday. Lots of really nice improvements. But still a whole lot missing, including fleet management. And I assume artifacts are still going to be in the game? Because doing all three tiers of planet exploration is ridiculously expensive for basically “you get 1 or 2 exotics that you will manufacture at exotic refineries easily later in the game.”

The amount of metal and crystal that minor factions will give you is completely unbalanced, too. At the point where I’ve got 40K of both, and the only thing gating my progress is credits.

And I have absolutely no idea how the trade system works, and what trade ports even do anymore.

Artifacts and balance are coming later in development. Still pondering a better way to do fleet management (lots issues with Sins1 system).

Trade was recently redone. See a rough summary here:

And an image of the import/export per planet here since we messed up the normal tooltip location:

Hey everyone! We’ve got a new update out for the Technical Preview today. It’s been on test for a little bit and is now officially released.

The link above has a summary of all the new stuff, plus the full changelog if you’d really like to dive into the nitty-gritty. Enjoy!

Stardock eventually allowed you to get a Steam key from your EGS purchase of Galciv: Supernova (alas, after I had double-dipped. Sigh). Has there been any word if they will do the same for Sins 2?

I’d like to try it out, but I know I’m going to want this on Steam.

Ooh, that’s my bank holiday sorted. Definitely looking forward to the fleet system.

When I first fire this game up I want to relive the first time I built the TEC Kol Battleship back in 08.

Now you’ll be able to watch it properly fly out of the drydocks for the first time.

I liked how Sins 1 looked, but this is gorgeous

Huh, one of the AI players in this game has already lost after 40 minutes. I did send a pirate raid at them, but still seems early.