Apparently this was announced a little while ago, but I didn’t hear about it until just now. It’s a great-looking 2d fighter coming to XBLA later this year. So excited. Here’s a trailer. Anyone play this at E3 or someplace that can talk about the gameplay?

Edit: a couple gameplay details courtesy of Wikipedia. The ratio tag systems sounds absolutely brilliant.

Is this a MUGEN mod gone commercial or something?

I played it at PAX East and it was really rough back then. There seems to be a lot of excitement around it and I’m not sure I get why.

I remember seeing this at E3. I’m interested in it but I dunno. The design is… something

Allow me to answer your question with another video.

Seriously though, it’s a fighter coming directly to XBLA that isn’t a remake, that has a really cool and unique visual style, wacky characters, and what look on paper like some really cool and innovative design features. If you’re a fighting game fan, what’s not to be excited about?

I played it at E3, the animation was pretty cool.

I don’t play fighting games much so I can’t really comment on it besides that. A fried of mine from college is one of the programmers on it, so I’m hoping it does well.

To put words to why I’m excited about the gameplay potential here: you can play this by selecting one, two, or three characters, and your health and damage scale accordingly. If I understand it correctly, you can also program a character’s tag assist to be any of that character’s moves. The upshot of that is that this could potentially offer way more variety and opportunity to discover your own play style than most other fighters.

Bunch of the Capcom Vs. games operate the same way with scaling health etc.

Did not realize that. Custom assists, though?

Not fully custom but you can generally pick from 3.

No, it’s all original, and I played a beta of it 8 years ago that was VERY different. It got scrapped for the current version.

This game looks very promising, but I’m not sure I’ll like the gameplay personally, but it looks nice and like it was well-crafted.

The game will also have excellent netcode.

Alright then, I suppose those features aren’t so innovative after all. Still, it looks pretty cool.

I hear this for every game, yet it’s hit and miss as to when it’s actually true.

After all, who’d play up an upcoming game saying “The netcode is shit”?

No, it’s for real this time. It’s a sort of netcode middleware for fighting games called GGPO, which is also going to be used for the upcoming XBLA re-release of SF3. I haven’t actually used it myself, but consensus among people who’ve used it for PC/emulated fighting games is that it’s pretty awesome.

A few news tidbits have really made this game stand out for me recently:

All I can say is that this game is looking very, very promising in what it’s trying to do.

This is probably the most ambitious fighter artistically I’ve seen since the Darkstalkers series, which is what the game reminds me of gameplaywise (not necessarily what I like, though it’s good if done well)

I’ll definitely pick this up, despite my reservations on the gameplay, just for the sheer ambitiousness and awesomeness of everything else.

Ooooh, so exciting! In other (bad) Skullgirls news, though, it’s now a 2012 release :/. Still, if it’s more polished as a result, I’m for it.

No PC version. :(
It’s not Capcom. It’s not Marvel.
It’s not Samurai Spirits.
It’s not King of Fighters.


My excitement has come and gone many years ago…and it re-awakes momentarily here and there, when someone puts out a fresh MUGEN character.

Capcom simply won’t pay Namco the licencing fee to include a fighting game tutorial. Pretty stupid that such a thing was allowed to be patented in the first place.

Do you have a link about this patent? I tried searching and all I found was another thread here.