Slay the Spire

I’ve been having serious trouble with Ascension 13+ on all 3 chars (I haven’t done anything with the 4th). At this point in the game’s difficulty curve, you basically have to have a super combo developing by the end of the first stage or you might as well just give up the run. Interestingly, I’ve only ever beaten the Heart (several times) with the Silent.

I’m not having much luck with the Silent so far. Haven’t made it to the second boss yet. Got a couple good shiv or poison decks, but I just can’t deal with the incoming damage.

Silent has four ways to handle that:

a) Some really great block cards - Dexterity is a power that makes even the zero cost Deflect good value. Piercing Wail is one of the best cards in the game for dealing with multi-attack. Malaise can apply a strength reduction permanently!

b) Apply weak. She starts with a weak applying card and one of her best block cards - Leg Sweep - also applies it.

c) Burst damage - Backstab and a few other cards let her just take down threats before they are an issue.

d) Wraith Form. If you didn’t get a good block combination, finding ways to keep Intangible (the ghosts event, multiple copies, Nightmare) can mean you don’t have to worry about block - just deal damage.

I find the Silent the easiest of the characters, but I’m only up to Ascension 9.

I suppose it makes sense that the only card you referenced that I’ve actually had/used is the starting card, Neutralize. If the others have showed up, I must have ended up going with other options.

Dexterity, Leg Sweep and Piercing Wail are all terrific.

Wraith Form is frequently game breaking - it’s like Corruption in power level. Maybe stronger.

Over a week ago, I made a dumb mistake on the second final boss that ruined my first Ascension 20 win with The Watcher. It was a long holiday weekend and I was getting sick of Slay the Spire, so I uninstalled it to see what would happen. I haven’t thought about the game since.

I think I’m done.

I, too, do not think about what I’m posting about.

I briefly considered that contradiction. Then I thought, surely no one’s enough of a dork to point it out.

Well, I hope you learned that lesson. This is the kingdom of dorks. ;)

That just further proves my point.

Checkers and mate, sir.

IOS version coming this month for $9.99.

I’m in. I’ve enjoyed the few games I’ve played of the PC version, but always had higher priorities when I got a block of gaming time, and have wound up putting a lot more time into various mobile knockoffs

Thanks for the heads up. Same for me, I think this might be better for me on iOS, especially my new iPad Pro.

So I saw credits for all three main characters now. I’m sure I’d still have fun playing further, but the motivation has been sapped quite a bit. Certainly got my money’s worth.

Released on iOS today!

Great news! There are FOUR “main characters!” (Who are the secondary characters, btw? The monsters? I like that description! They’re not enemies, just extras.)

I have been playing this on the Switch and both times I cleared Ascension 15 it has locked up at a black screen and not registered the win.

It’s not super horrible to do it again but lost a lot of interest in bothering.

I have no interest in Slay the Spire itself, but this is a pretty neat article.

Makes me feel like a pretty weak player :(

It is an interesting read, though watching a streamer win his 23rd straight ascension 20 run in a row was proof enough to me that every game of StS is inherently winnable. Fun to see someone really going in on how unlikely it is to generate an unwinnable seed.

It seems like the players he referenced had a way higher win rate than Jorbs did? Maybe I’m out of date. Just thought that was interesting.