Slay the Spire


Finally slayed the spire with ironclad … I wonder if I can repeat ? At the moment I am trying to beat it with the Silent … it is all poison for me now (like I had a strength build with ironclad) … But HP is really an issue for The Silent … maybe I need more blocking, I can kill most enemies in 2-5 turns, but take too much HP loss…


You don’t…have to type…like William Shatner…is…dictating…a memo. ;)

All my best Silent runs have been with some kind of passive defense. Free block on discarding a card is my favorite; stock up on Calculated Gamble and Prepared and whatever else and you not only get to draw the cards you want, but you get a bunch of block to boot.


This past update has frustrated the fuck outa me. I was kinda stuck at ascension 4/6/5 for red/green/blue and pretty happy with trying a run or two on whatever color motivated me to (likely) fail somewhere in the 3rd act. After the new patch, i’m regularly getting pummeled in act one and am only seldom making it out of two. When you’re getting non-elites hitting you early on in act 2 for 36pt attacks that you cant mitigate, it gets very hard to recover and i’ve spent entire acts just trying to recover from the start. I’m not sure this patch was the droids I was looking for…


Finally won with the Silent. I switched my starting relic with a random relic, Snecko … That was a pretty fun run, always took the expensive cards and most of the time snecko made them cheap to use.
I lost maybe 30 times and won 1 time. Whatever, won is won. Now trying the Defect. Wow, time to learn again!


Defect is a blast once you get a feel for it.


Now officially coming to Switch. Published by Humble?


What is this new Nintendo that’s allowing fun games to show up on its system in non-disc form? I’m so confused.


That infection began on the 3DS, but terrible controls prevented it to spread too much before,


Looks like a perfect fit for the switch.

Hmm…I’m going on holiday, do I bring the switch or not? :O


I finally made some good progress and beat ascension level 10 with the fighter. My score wasn’t that great, but it feel good to move up the difficulty ladder.


Ascension 10?! Wow, I just recently completed Ascension level 1 with the fighter and thought it was tricky…

I have now completed the first level of ascension with each class. I still like this game, but see myself playing it casually intermittently, not spending multiple hours at a time with it.

At over 70 hours currently played according to Steam, this has held my attention far longer than most!


Steam says I have 180+ hours, so I’ve played this a lot! Part of that is because I’m limited to using a laptop right now and part is because it is a really good game.


I had been playing the fighter guy and I started playing The Silent again. It took a lot of tries to beat Ascension level 1. I have much for trouble with The Slient.

I put together a deck with Bullet Time to reduce the cost of cards in my hand to zero. I used the artifact to make sure I start the battle with it in my hand. Another artifact gave me 3 shivs in my hand to start the battle. Then I had backstab. Another artifact gave me a random card each time I exhausted a card - so between the backstab and the shivs I would draw 4 cards. Then I would play Bullet Time to get the cost of all the rest of my cards to 0.

On top of that I had a ton of poison cards and a catalyst or 2. I had to fight the donut and his buddy at the end and was able to get rid of the donut quickly.


It escapes a bit the scope of this, but if you try a no-class restriction run sometimes or during a daily, a build I remember having fun with is The Silent when she got hold of the Defect’s rare All for One card.
The recently upgraded Corpse Explosion is much fun too, even if you aren’t into poison.
I used to be very fond of the shiv builds, but there is so much varieties of fun nowadays, those feel plain to me now.


Man I love that card. In a prior run I almost killed The Donut with that active on him. I fell around 15 health short.


Have you ever built a Defect deck that used Frost or Dark orbs effectively? I find that I always end up either getting a bunch of Lightning orbs or building something that mostly ignores orbs.


I’ve run some great frost decks with Defect! If you can get a bunch of extra slots and a bunch of frost, you basically generate tons of free armor every turn. Then you can focus the rest of your deck on some sort of attack strategy and slowly whittle down opponents. I found it super satisfying, and one of the easier decks to run for Defects with the exception of finding a way to get extra slots (which isn’t always easy).


Frost can be very, very strong: you can go with or without Blizzard as a damage builder, but you’ll need a big damage dealer anyway, as the point is to get a lot of slots up (the relics that give you slots every 2 turns is awesome for that), and boost your focus quickly (preferably with the Biased Cognition/Core Surge or Panacea combo). You are then pretty much invulnerable for the rest of the fight.

For Dark, obviously the rare card that lets you summon it/power point is very strong, but I have always found that circumstancial, during fights I had trouble with, and didn’t figure how to strategize and systemize it properly yet.


The day I discovered that upgrading the basic Dark orb card gives you two orbs was a glorious day


Wont a Frost based deck get wiped out by that 999 HP monstrosity that scale it’s damage every turn?