Slice & Dice (by tann), my new GOAT (roguelike dice tactics game)

You need a contingency plan to deal with her. For instance, evasion works well on blue class if you are going to use lots of spells. If you are going to attack directly, something like self-shielding can do the trick. Another possibility is a rescue spell you can use repeatedly, alternating with hits.

Depending on the situation, sometimes it is worth sacrificing a character if you can do enough damage in the process.

Thanks for getting this Slice & Dice thread going. The game was sitting on an Itch watch list of mine, forgotten. There are so many good little parts to how its pieces work that just playing (with a live game, integrated tutorial) was enough for almost everything to make sense the first time. I’m not good at going back for depth in games once I get through what they put as their obvious end point, yet it’s already a memorable gem.

Yeah, Hexia gave me my first loss. I will need a little more contingency handling. The team could deal amazing damage, which is over-tuned for her fight.

Got to level 92 on Blursed mode. Done in by a bunch of summoners and poor rolls, ah well.

I really like the combo of the blessing that gives everybody an extra item slot and +1 to item levels plus the blessing that gives +2 to item levels. Level 12 items are… very good.

I don’t know if this has always been the case, or I just noticed, but I found out I can tap the locked modes to see how to unlock them. I only have three locked modes remaining. To unlock one of them I have to complete classic mode in 40 turns, which seems basically impossible. 2 turns per combat? I did a classic on easy and I did pretty well and it took me 59 turns.

Another mode requires you to complete classic mode in 35 turns. Ha ha, good luck to me on that.

The final one is to win a fight with 21 curses, which might be possible on cursed-hyper mode, but… seems difficult.

Blursed mode might get you there.

I got to level 92 in Blursed, and that was 18 curses. So maybe!

Also, uggghhh, I just won classic easy in 41 turns. It was kind of a perfect setup. I’ve got the option where you pick from a selection of blessings that have to add up to the right number, and sometimes it gives you curses you can pick that basically subtract from the number so you can pick more blessings. This time it gave me the curse that gives you 8 damage after turn 5. I certainly never wanted to get to turn five anyway, so I snapped that up and got some very good blessings. Then I had a guy doing 3 cantrip damage on half his sides.

So seems like 40 (or 35!) turns is pretty hard!

Oh, also, you do unlock an item for finishing in under 59 turns, but… it’s not a game-changer.

I know I’m the only one who posts in this thread any more, but I am going to tell you that I did it! I completed classic easy mode in exactly 40 turns!

It was definitely fun to try to do it. You’re really trying to win as many fights as possible in a single round, which really changes the game. If you win on the first round, then you don’t care about shields or healing. You also don’t really care about dying, so sides that seemed bad before, like pain, or even outright death, aren’t so bad now.

Of course, then you get into a fight that goes to a second and third round and you’re in pretty bad shape…

Nice! I still haven’t managed that. There’s also an achievement for winning two in a row on Classic Unfair and I’ve gotten close but haven’t done it yet. I only have six achievements left:

  • win and lose a fight at the same time (this can’t be that hard to do intentionally but I haven’t tried)
  • complete under 40 and under 35
  • equip Gambler’s Ace to Gambler
  • use a side with six keywords
  • win two in a row on Classic Unfair

And that’s one of the things I love about this game. There’s so much more here than at first glance. I think it’s so cool that the perceived utility of a particular item/character/side can change like that. I may have been playing other things recently, but keep posting! It’s cool hearing about your exploits aces I keep thinking about playing again.

I need to get back to my Blursed run at some point. At level 154 currently

Hey, you forgot to @ me! :-P

Now I am late to the party, yes, but I have joined the party. This is a good one my doppleganger. Sale complete!

One of Us!

So, on my third or fourth attempt, I completed my first run on “Easy”. I am absolutely loving:

The alternating character progression / equipment reward following each fight, which drip-feeds decision making and power scaling in an elegant and rewarding way.

The many, many nuances and equipment / character / other character synergies that I cannot quite actually see yet, but I can see that they are there to be understood later.

How wonderfully short-session friendly it is. Even playing just 5-15 minutes, you can do a fight > reward cycle, and all playable fully mouse only, no keyboard action needed (so yeah, this is one of those games you can play whilst also eating tacos)

Early on, some characters do seem far simpler to use or more effective without specific equipment to enhance them or compensate for multiple blank die sides.

This is the first video game I am thinking could work really, really well as a board game, solitaire or multiplayer, without any rule changes. Any other views?

I grabbed the demo on my phone and won my first two runs (easy then normal). Both times with no deaths (and in less than 40 turns so I was wondering why that achievement was difficult - turns out the demo run is 12 levels rather than 20).

So I’d love to know whether it gets more difficult in the later stages of a classic run in the full game.

Anyway, I’m having a lot of fun and plan to beat Difficult then decide whether I want to buy it on PC or phone.

From my current 5-run perspective, yes, later stages become progressively more challenging. I think it is a combination of more powerful enemies appearing in later stages, including bosses, but also that if you have made any / many mis-steps in choices of character and equipment upgrades, it is in the latter stages that they will show up. This, because the enemy strength has scaled up, so if yours has scaled up, but less, you are exposed.

To some extent, some later mobs kind of act as deck checks I think. Like, do you have something that completely negates massive incoming damage? Can you clear multiple stacks of poison and petrify? Can you put out enough damage to counter enemies that summon other enemies over and over? If by the later stages you do not have enough answers to questions like these, death comes quick. In contrast, I have never failed in the first 10 stages or so.

Btw, you will unlock a mode before too long that stays you at level 8 iirc, along with some equipment and class upgrades. That let’s you jump into the later stages of a run more quickly. There are a LOT of gameplay modes

Beat demo difficult first time, a few deaths this time but no real peril, unlocked unfair. I have lost twice to unfair, the curses are very entertaining.

Finally beat demo unfair. Curses were Heal -1, Mundane and -1 Reroll. It was a bit dicey early on with no heal, but no real problems once my healer had swapped in a bunch of damage sides instead.

Final battle was against the lich who did a fair bit of summoning, but the damage output from the Bones simply wasn’t sufficient to get past some good shielding and the insane healing power of the Shaman. I killed the lich without ever attacking it directly, everything was splash damage from the Bones.

Definitely time to buy the full game now. Thanks for this thread @Misguided, I never would have spotted it otherwise.

Glad you are enjoying it!

No need to make that choice. If you get it from you get both the Steam and Android versions.