Slitherine Announces Gladius - Relics of War

A 4X set in the Warhammer 40K universe

Warhammer meets Endless Legend? Yes, please.

Coming “soon” with a live stream scheduled for Monday.

Not a sequel to this?

Bad-ass! Thats what I’m looking for - count me in!

My initial reaction (so subject to change etc) is that this looks terrible.

Then again I didn’t much care for Endless Legend, and this looks like a 40k skin of EL.

Oh, Proxy Studios is working on it. Bit ambitious for them?

Other than hexagonal tiles comprising cities, what makes it look like Endless Legend in particular?

Well that’s all I’ve seen so far! And the landscape etc.


Yeah. Had my hopes up for a second.

Oh God, will there ever be enough Warhammer 40K games?

I’m just waiting for the dating simulator. In the grim dark future, there is only… a high school full of hunky Necrons trying to get it on with doe-eyed Tyranids?

I couldn’t resist…

gladius box

Best game LucasArts ever made COME AT ME

40k, meh. Trash franchise can have this kind of uninspired game.

Thats the proper thanksgiving spirit everyone- come shit on gamethreads about brands you don’t care about!

Better than TIE Fighter? C’mon now.

Fewer escort missions, anyway.

Thank you. That’s the best laugh I’ve had in literally a week. Much appreciated.

I don’t mind the theme, but come on, Imperial Guard? Space Marines are already kind of “vanilla” when it comes to sci-fi, and IG are even more flavorless than them. Even the Chaos Space Marines have gotten more interesting stuff the last couple years.

Though yeah, a 40k 4x game sounds pretty cool.

Proxy Studios- When the Great Designers are Busy!

You know, Pandora is a pretty damned good game. Sir.

Well, they left the game in a bit of a mess. Some guy took over and tweaked the AI, but really he has no idea about what makes a fun game: