Sneak preview of the next Star Wars movie

Quick tip: if you ever fuck around with the school AV camera, make sure you take the tape with you:

What he needs is a little music, maybe?:

Hilariously sad… :twisted:

BAHAHAHAA! Watch the two clips in order; the second one is so funny after you’ve seen the “unretouched” version.
Kudos to whoever made the remix, and to the “Jedi”, the force will be with you, always.

Holy Crap! I can’t stop laughing.

Every once in a while the Internet proves its worth…

I don’t know if I should laugh or feel sad for the guy…eh, :lol: :lol: :lol:

I cringed when I saw the first clip but the second clip actually makes him pretty cool in a way.
As if none of us ever tried doing anything like that when we were young. Just his luck someone else got the tape out of the camera.

Delicious, delicious schadendfreude…

[stupid, stupid typos!]

If I mention it’s schadenfreude, might I be guilty of schreibenfreude, which is the German word for “malicious pleasure taken in correcting someone else’s spelling or typographical mistakes”?

All I know is thank jeebus they didn’t have home video cameras back when I was crooning “Beth” into a hairbrush while sporting full Peter Criss makeup, burgundy vinyl platforms, and a swanky mustard yellow polyester vest-and-gauchos outfit.

Beth I hear you callin’,
But I can’t come home right now…

Gah… now that song has secured itself in my brain.

Me and the boys are playin’…


Aaaaaaah! Rogue meme! I’m stuck with it now too.

Check THIS out: The guy who made ‘realultimatepower’ is claiming responsibility for the video, he says it’s him!!

I’ve lost soooo much respect for ninjas now.

In the blog thing that Chet linked above, before the thread was closed, Hamburger’s claim to the video at ‘realultimatepower’ was debunked. The dates don’t match up. Hamburger, who isn’t above faking stuff, apparently just coopted it for his ninja site.

Someone in that thread also pointed out that the kid isn’t necessarily doing a Star Wars thing. The speculation is that he’s imitating Kilik (?) from Soul Calibur, a character who uses a staff. This is born out by how he holds the curtain rod, or whatever it is. He’s not holding it exclusively in the middle, which is how you would presumably treat a double-ended lightsaber. Also, I think the noises he’s making are your standard action movie foley ‘whooses’ rather than lightsaber ‘vrooms’.

I’d love to find out more about how the video was propogated, where it came from, and who the kid is. It really is an inadvertantly beautiful piece of work. There’s a strange touch of unconscious grace is all his clumsiness. He’s just so damn earnest in a way that only kids can be when they’re alone with a recording device.


Good luck. I bet that kid has had plastic surgery and liposuction by now.

Either that or he’s entered into a deep dark bunker, and is now praying for World War III.

“Inadvertantly beautiful” is a bit much, but I agree that there is a certain charm to the lumbering Jedi. I think back to the stupid make-believe stunts I would do when I was alone…this video makes me feel like a kid again.

As a thirty plus geek looking at this poor schlub being passed around the Internet as an object of ridicule, I can only think he’s unlucky that he gets to be exposed to the world for something all his friends probably do, but lucky that his minute and a half clip will earn him immortality at a small price.

But I’m always a softie at this time of night.


Dollars to doughnuts, it’s a golf ball retriever.

Unwelcome mental picture number one, courtesy of TomChick:

“He’s just so damn earnest in a way that only kids can be when they’re alone with a recording device.”

Unwelcome mental picture number two, courtesy of TSG:

“I’m always a softie at this time of night.”


This is so true. I have some tapes like this from when I was 14. Thankfully, none of them show me attempting to be some kind of fighting monk and none of them are on the internet.

“Lumbering Jedi” I like that. I want to be that in Star Wars Galaxies. Heck, they should make “lumbering Jedi” available to all players who want to be Jedi but don’t want to jump through hoops to get there.

The remix is brilliant as well. Particularly in how they highlight his mistakes. The saber crashing noise when he hits the curtain and the floor.

NY Times: [blogger](]Fame Is No Laughing Matter for the `Star Wars Kid’

A [url= has even started a fundraiser which so far is up to $1169 :!:
Hmm… I think I have a camera around here somewhere…