Snowpiercer (2020) on TNT

May 17th! I thought we had a thread for this, but damned if I can find it.

The show is fine. It’s just fine. In an all-too-obvious twist, it’s exactly the kind of science-fiction drama that TNT has been making for roughly a decade — bound to satisfy former fans of “Falling Skies” or “The Last Ship

So… that would be me, since I enjoyed both of them shows!

This has shown up on UK Netflix. I take it from the initial reviews and the lack of engagement with this thread that it’s not worth bothering with?

I still haven’t found time to watch the first episode. :P

Well, if you go in hoping it’s “like the movie”, you’re definitely in for a disappointment (as is often the case with adaptations, imo). I think it’s actually pretty good. Sort of a police procedural stuffed into the Snow Piercer setting, which may sound terrible but isn’t, so far.

First episode is free on Amazon. I’m wrapping up ep. 2.

Just saw the first episode. I really liked it, which I didnt expect. AS expected though, I disliked the gratuitous violence.
There is some extremely interesting world building here, that I am quite worried never really amounts to anything. First episode of these kind of shows often ARE interesting, but fail to deliver upon its promises. I guess its easier to setup a mystery, than actually keep it interesting while solving it.

Not sure if anyone else followed this through to the end, but my wife and I finished it up yesterday and both enjoyed it. I’d call it better than average, certainly better than the reviews led us to believe. They had some fun with social and political commentary against an interesting setting, despite its fair share of plot holes. It finished strongly and the second season should be even better now they have more freedom to explore the setting.

Thanks for the thread bump , I never got around to watching it, maybe as I get more free time at the end of the summer. I have them all on the DVR waiting for me.

My wife and I also watched start to finish and enjoyed it. I thought the development of both the characters and the world (basically the train) were done well. Some plot strings were left hanging, including the real purpose behind “the drawers” and not everything about the train and the outside world were completely explained or revealed, but it looks like Season Two may draw on a lot of that for its plot, so it’s cool.

It also appears Season Two has already been shot and is in post-production currently, and rumor has it that a Season Three has been greenlit as well, so the show must have scored some nice COVID Quarantine ratings.

At the rate the world is going, Season 3 will be filmed as a documentary.

I was pretty happy with it too, overall. No issues, delivered what it promised.

Didn’t Cavill tell Layton the purpose, in addition to removing criminals and other undesirables from the picture, was to save humanity, by setting aside people who fit a certain profile for future dethawing?

Ha! Maybe Trump will replace Wolford in real life and all the rich people and some hand-picked lackeys will board the Trump Train to escape the impending doom. Only they won’t know that the rest of us stopped building the tracks about a mile off the coast…

She did mention something about that, but it was unclear if the majority of the drawers were for suspension of the people who would be useful in rebuilding humanity, or for how long they planned on keeping them under. It also looked like they were having unexpected issues with the suspension process, and perhaps were using the people sentenced to time in the drawers as an experiment on how best to thaw out the others or what might be happening to them while they are under. It just didn’t seem very detailed considering the important role they play on the train, but then again, Season Two may expand on it further.

Season 2!

Sean Bean!

I bet he dies…