So a new Costco business center opened locally...

Only $60 (save $40!) CAD for 18kg of poutine

The Costco Business Centres are selling to a small business market. Well, that and preppers. After all, if you’re going to hole up somewhere, it’s good to have 18kg of poutine gravy mix.

You’ll definitely die long before your supplies ran out, that’s for sure.

Jim Bakker can’t beat these prices!

Now you can finally buy 50lb packages of Lard!

But faster!

Was at Costco today, got a hotdog, onions are back!

Also picked up TP. I am sad to report they have downgraded the amount of TP you now get. New package at top, old at bottom.

Well that stinks. What a crappy thing to do.

I will see myself out…

Sneaky! I would have never noticed.

Costco paper towels are great. But I’ll go with the name brand tp

We have John Wayne TP at work, so anything I buy to use at home is better. :)

Maybe they’ll fit on the roller in my bathroom now!

I had the same thought.

Please leave via the back door.

The humor in here has really gone down the toilet.

Kirkland paper towels are great. We get the Scott TP though, and only that. Ditto for Kleenex in the realm of tissues.

Here’s a good NBC piece on how Costco is successful, including how much Costco spends testing their #1 selling product: toilet paper.

I wish they had chosen to raise the sticker price instead of giving that deal a death by a thousand cuts. Used to get a Polish sausage with Diet Coke, and put deli mustard and chopped onions on it. A plain hot dog with bland yellow mustard, no onions, and crappy Pepsi products is NOT THE SAME, dammit.