So I found a Human Skull


Jebus, people. Can a Grammar Nazi catch a break around here?

Sure sounds like ya ain’t been to the South much.

^ grammer

Your welcome!

You evil person.


Have you considered drilling many small holes in the skull?

So whatever happened Rich?

Mini bowling ball?

Left it anonymously on the stoop of the local P.D. to add to their cold case load and grab a little bit of notoriety in the paper (do they still have newspapers?)?

Put it back in a box for your heirs to discover and think, say, I knew Uncle Rich had a very interesting life, but this really takes the cake?

Call the police. You’re not liable for anything really and you might give an officer something fun to do. If they come over offer a Christmas treat.

Heh. I forgot all about his thread. Right now the skull is tastefully displayed in my office on a shelf with various other skulls, ceramic and the like. I have made a small collection around it. Maybe I’ll take a picture of it and post it some day.

Yeah I was foiled by the apostrophe before the 12 :). Thought it was a new thread.

Yes do that!

That’s evidence.
Someone will come wandering through here someday, see the photo, and he’ll say, “OMG! That’s MOMMY!”

Upper left. How many things can you identify, blurry pic and all…

I declare that top shelf to be 30% metal.


That’s a Fickle Finger of Fate, I see! hahah, you have to be an old timer to know that kind of shit!

You have a disturbing number of human skulls on your shelf. Are they all trophies?

Is the middle figure Harpo Marx?

How can you not have something like this on the shelf too?

He’s the PREDATOR. You haven’t even seen his belt!