So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


I’m trying to understand it. I think they are trying to draw a parallel between Ruby having to be protected in order to get to school and DeVos having to be “protected” by Republicans in order to be voted in as SecEd. Still, making DeVos out to be a victim and equating her “suffering” with that of Ruby Bridges is disgusting.


No, I think it’s referencing the incident where protesters refused to allow DeVos to enter a public school. So the connection is a bit stronger than mere metaphor.

Still a terrible cartoon, of course, and trying to make a victim out of an unqualified billionaire is pretty laughable.


To emphasize this, I’ll explicitly point out that DeVos’ whole career has been devoted to undoing school desegregatiion.


Don’t worry the decision is ultimately up to the President.

Okay, on second though, maybe worry.


We should be ok with whatever he decides though, because he was elected by the will of the people.

…as long as you’re white, obviously.


Get the Army out of the homeland so they can’t take sides in a coup or civil war?

…is one farfetched idea that I suppose the National Security Advisor, if we had one, would be considering.


What is wrong with this man?[quote]Days before taking office, President-elect Donald Trump made two surprise calls to the Air Force general managing the Pentagon’s largest weapons program, the Lockheed Martin Corp. F-35 jet.

Listening in on one of those calls was Dennis Muilenburg – the CEO of Lockheed’s chief rival, Boeing Co.

Trump, who has repeatedly criticized the $379 billion F-35 program as “out of control,” made the highly unusual calls to Lieutenant General Chris Bogdan on Jan. 9 and Jan. 17, according to two people familiar with the matter. Muilenburg, whose company makes a fighter jet Trump has suggested might replace some of one F-35 model, was in the president-elect’s New York office for a meeting during the second call. He appeared caught off-guard but heard at least Trump’s end of the call, according to the people, who asked to remain anonymous discussing sensitive information.[/quote]


More like start a war so that people get in line behind the Commander in Chief and stop asking so many questions.
Plus it was kind of a campaign promise as well.


So, Russia is now lecturing the US on transparency with the press:[quote]As Tillerson began to speak, journalists got a swift signal to exit the room. The episode irked Lavrov, who openly wondered why U.S. aides pushed out Russian and American reporters without allowing them to listen to the rest of the opening remarks.

“Why did you shush them out?” Lavrov said.[/quote]

Lavrov also made a funny: "You should know we do not interfere in the domestic matters of other countries.”


I assume Bannon wants a clash of civilizations between the West and Islam. “It’s gotta happen sooner or later, might as well be now, when we have all the nukes.”


Yeah a war was in the cards no matter what. It was just a question of Syria or Iran as far as I could tell.


I just realized that the US had turned into a reality TV show.
Probably should’ve realized that sooner, in my defense I was busy.

Not sure which is preferable

US + Turkey vs Syria/Russia/Kurds or US vs Iran/Shia islam

Time to invest in oil companies again I guess.


How long does Shepard Smith have at Fox News?

omg twitter videos autoplay when embedded?


“Get this taken down”?

I’m really unnerved by the US electorate and how they think.

I’ve always had respect for Shepard Smith after his coverage of Hurricane Katrina. Glad to see he’s still a voice of sanity over there. Having a voice of reason that has the ear of the Fox News audience is important.


The particular twitter use is posting that in jest, btw, I was trying to post the raw clip but better to have it not autoplay.


I expect to see a Shep Smith resignation headline soon enough. Damn, he ripped into Trump there, and rightfully so.


Apparently Harward has turned down the NSA spot


Good to know, thanks. Like satire, it’s awfully hard to tell it all apart in 2017.


Kind of disappointing, but who can fucking blame him. It would be great if his reasoning was this last press conference.


I’m amazed Fox let that on the air. Maybe the GOP really is setting up a case to remove Trump. I doubt a segment like that airs without approval from The Party.