So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America



Most Trump supporters I spoke with were not people who thought of themselves as racist.

Racists rarely think they are racist. We’ve told them racism is wrong, and they can’t be wrong. We’ve also told them everyone has bias, and of course we all have bias, but racism is a whole different level than just bias. They’ll never see it as wrong because they see it as a label that’s just wrongly applied, not as actual behavior and a view of the world.


What is being reported elsewhere and in that story is additional remains were found. That makes it sound like they hadn’t recovered him at all.


“We can confirm that the Armed Forces Medical Examiner has positively identified these remains as those of Sgt. Johnson,” she said.

It was not clear if the bone fragments would be buried with Johnson, who was laid to rest on Oct. 1 at a cemetery in Hollywood, Florida. And there also was no immediate response to the grim discovery from Johnson’s pregnant widow, Myeshia Johnson.

But Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., a close family friend, said it was a shame she had to find out about it via the news.


Did Trump give her a call with the bad news?


Probably expecting a thank you for getting him home.


I’ve always thought of racism as the inability or unwillingness to overcome bias.


They also refused to allow her to view any remains at any point.

Which is not the call of the government when it comes to your dead spouse.


Only the lesser versions. Most racism is embracing those biases.


Yeah, there’s basically two camps of racism; latent and overt. One is believing there’s a difference in people based on the color of their skin. The other is marching with Richard Spencer. Both are damaging to the fabric of society, but the latter seems to have been seeing a rise since Drumpf took office.





No, he’s not moving. The GOP has just gotten lost in the weeds.

I’m sure it’s a similar situation to @Timex and some of the other (former) Republicans here. It’s not that they’ve suddenly turned into liberals, it’s just that the GOP no longer represents conservatism.


You don’t need to be a socialist to question why billions of dollars need to be given to billionaires, or a feminist to think molesting women is wrong, or a liberal to know that Trump and Moore are terrible people.


Or a comedian to make a joke.


As a foreigner I am not sure what this means but it sounds really bad?

Trump’s “Frightening” Pick for Top Census Job Thinks “Competitive Elections Are Bad for America”

Leading Trump Census pick causes alarm

That sounds terrifying to an outsider like me, how bad is it?


Terrifying if true, especially given the role of the census in redistricting, but a lot of these “Trump is considering nominating” stories have not panned out. Not that his actual picks are usually any better.


You haven’t ‘given’ it to them; you’ve simply stopped taking it away. It’s their money, man.

– Gordon, Right Wing Pundit in training


There’s no 2020 election thread yet, and I refuse to start it with this article. So I figured I’d just leave it here:

Might be a good option, depending on how badly the Democrats screw up their nomination.


No matter what, you know that candidacy is going to be a fantastic voyage.