So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


If you swear at one of those automated machines, it’ll usually get you to a real human being faster.


Pressing 0 every couple of seconds regardless of the verbal prompt can also be effective for some systems if you’d prefer to be subtle.




But all of that — by definition — would be lost on people who place Trump over their messiah. Try having a conversation about any policy topic — Russia, climate change, trade, immigration — and you’ll soon realize it’s futile.

Likewise, when aides, activists and staffers openly declare that a partisan vote is more important than a victim (or in the case of Roy Moore, lots of alleged victims), what’s the point of listening to them or giving them a platform? They’ve told you that truth, decency, facts and everything else take second place to the preservation of the cult/party/president. That’s Kellyanne Conway’s modus operandi now.
At some point, some segment of Trump’s voters became so intellectually or morally corrupt as to become cultist. Hillary Clinton called them “deplorables” — and then took a beating for casting millions of Americans as racist. It’s time, I would suggest, to accept an unpleasant reality — there are some Americans who are not operating in good faith and are unreachable by logic or appeals to decency. How many of President Trump’s supporters fall into that category? We don’t know. But one comes to the conclusion that a good deal of the jaw-dropping spin that comes from Trump, his press secretary, his aides and the Fox News sycophants is designed to give this group of cultists something — anything to say — when confronted with reality. It need not be true, rational, decent or consistent. It’s filler for them to use, akin to putting their fingers in their ears and humming, when confronted by reality-based Americans or real news. We shouldn’t be surprised that Trump’s base has not abandoned him; people who look to him rather than their religious messiah are not going to change their minds based on real-world events.


If I was a religious person I’d say that Trump is the closest thing to the Anti-Christ that we’ll ever get.


From 2016


Yeah. Not even sure how I feel any longer, except angry and despondent. I never thought it would get this bad, and the sad thing is, it’s only going to get worse.


Aw, fuck me.


Not really sure how end times equates to anyone winning. I mean, what is the explanation for this? Do they think that things will all end in a flash and we won’t really know about it anyway so whatever?


Don’t (some) Christians believe that the end times will basically bring their version of paradise?


If it’s the end times, it means Jesus is here to save his followers. They finally get to go to heaven.


Sounds like he’s a pre-tribulation dispensationalist. That is, expects the Rapture to happen before the tribulation when shit gets really bad.


Oh, yes. Heaven. I forgot.


Yeah, my understanding is that massively bad shit shall happen first.


Like Trump getting elected president?


Even worse, if you can believe that. Read Revelations if you haven’t already. It’s the best part of the bible.


More like the anti-christ shows up, the true believers are taken away to paradise, those who are left behind, entire series on this, go through the bad shit but they might still get a chance to be saved.Sadly enough, some Christians want the end times to come, and it’s the weirdest thing, like I’m so unhappy and I hate the world or my life so I want Jesus to show up to mark the end of everything we know. And course there is a new prophet constantly telling us the end of the world is this year!

Here’s thing about the anti-Christ though… everyone is supposed to like him, like be blinded by his charm or words. Plenty of people despise Trump so good news, he’s not the anit-christ.


Jackasses like this Uber driver have always been around, but now we get to hear about him and his flippant, half-assed opinions thanks to Twitter and forums. You used to have to wander down to the diner on Sunday afternoons to be treated to all of this horseshit. Now you read about it on the toilet.

I hope this sounds as inspirational and hopeful as I’m intending. :D

Seriously, though, I wish that every time someone used Twitter to complain about idiocy, they also posted one quote or story about someone who is working their ass off to improve the world. There are many, many such people.


You had a couple of typos in that, Dave.