So I guess 2016 claimed its biggest victim yet - America


Agreed very interesting. Sadly it is too long for Trump to read because he’d go ballistic about the Access Hollywood section.


Wednesday Addams kind of says no:


Participants in the group text discussed “stringing a n****r up” and making “an example” out of “one black guy.” Douglas said the people in the group text are members of the Haywood High baseball team. Three former students and one current student told BuzzFeed the people in the group text were made to write 10-page essays as punishment for the messages.

10 whole pages? That’ll teach 'em.


To be fair, a ten page essay is pretty freakin’ long to a high schooler…


I wonder if kids like these ever watched something like Roots (the 1970s one or the modern version) or Underground, or whether those or a movie like 12 Years a Slave would do anything to make them see black people as fellow humans? Or would they somehow dismiss them or A Raisin in the Sun as liberal propaganda pieces?


They made it to high school without any human decency. It’s almost a lost cause already. Or as some people would say, now it’s up to the rest of us to risk ourselves and engage with these assholes because keeping society decent at the risk of our skins has somehow become our responsibility… thus reason we’re not supposed to kick these people out of social media and isolate them.

Ten pages… imagine if they had done it. some judge would see himself in them and give them next to nothing to keep their futures bright.


Yeah, you may remember Rob Murray…


Is that the coal CEO who…

Yeah that’s the one. Hey Rob, you get what you deserve. Bastard.


They’ll just throw in a special exemption for coal miners; they already put one in for car dealers, I believe. Because that’s how you simplify the tax code.


I’m still a bit confused over what triggers a simple majority requirement vs the 60 vote requirement. I thought it had something to do with revenue estimates. If they keep making exemptions they lower the revenue. Doesn’t that make it harder to avoid the 60 vote requirement?


I was kind of wondering that too. Is it because the Senate bill already passed, and rejiggering gets grandfathers in? But that can’t be right or everything would go through reconciliation to game the system. I guess they must be putting in offsetting cuts to spending or allowing some tax increase to stay under the line.


I think whatever comes out of conference will still have to meet the requirements because it will need to be voted on.


A reconciliation bill cannot cause a deficit ten years after it’s passed.

This bill obviously causes a deficit for the first nine years. Then, all those middle class tax cuts expire so that it’s neutral for the tenth year. Does the corporate tax cut likewise expire? No of course not, don’t be silly.


Unless all the cuts expire, how can they claim that the 10th year will not cause a deficit?

I know it’s all just Republican dickery, but when you talk math the numbers are supposed to add up.


Because there are offsetting cuts in spending and various increases in taxes on the middle class that start right away. Plus some magic “this will turbocharge our economy” pixie dust.


Got it. So the only revenue decline will be due to the middle class cuts. Darn middle class people who are too lazy to be millionaires!


Sorry I really like booze, women, and movies.


So do I! So that’s why I’m not a millionaire.


I blame videogames.


Revenue increase will be due to elimination of SALT deductions, loss of personal exemptions, among other things. For example, the lowered cap on mortgage deductions will bring in about $300 billion over 10 years. Double taxing income by removing state and local tax deductions will net $1.2 trillion (over 10 years, and a third of that will be upon CA and NY residents) Senate bill keeps the mortgage cap to its existing limit, but then repeals ACA individual mandate, which again saves $300 billion or so, and on the basis of people falling out of insurance coverage, and the government not paying for the subsidies. Loss of personal exemptions is again a big revenue source. Taxing tuition fee subsidies, and taking out most of the previously possible deductions, all increase the federal revenue, but I guess we all win because we can file tax returns on a postcard now.

Without the expanded child credits (both in size, and applicability based on income level), this would be a huge tax increase for a large majority of individuals and families. Even with child credits, some of us will pay more taxes now, especially in CA and NY.