So tonight is the BCS Big Game. Watcha doin?

And if you are watching, what is your prediction for the score?

Florida 38
Oklahoma 34

Eat it Big 12!!!

Florida 27
Oklahoma 24

Oklahoma will get beat in the trenches.

Red Team 7
Blue Team 4

I’ll be watching.

Florida 38
Oklahoma 17

I won’t be home in time to watch it and don’t care enough to record it (especially since I’m sure I’ll hear the score somewhere before I get home).

I don’t care. None of the teams I enjoy watching are in it.

Oklahoma 63
Florida 56

Actually to see a game with that score I won’t care who wins.

I’d love to see a 2-0 score, but it’s not gonna happen.

I’m waiting for my big bro to hand-calculate a Rimbot prediction. But I hope it’s something like:

Florida 105
0U 0

Florida 43
Oklahoma 30
Texas 0

The winner plays Utah for the championship, right?

Game. Office. 30 Rock. Game.

Texas isn’t playing tonight; instead, Florida will be playing the second-best team in the Big XII.

Today’s Anti-BCS screed via Slate.

The problems with the BCS are:[ol]
[li]That there is a profound lack of conceptual clarity about the goals of the method;[/li]> [li]That there is no genuine interest here in using statistical analysis to figure out how the teams compare with one another. The real purpose is to create some gobbledygook math to endorse the coaches’ and sportswriters’ vote;[/li]> [li]That the ground rules of the calculations are irrational and prevent the statisticians from making any meaningful contribution; and[/li]> [li]That the existence of this system has the purpose of justifying a few rich conferences in hijacking the search for a national title, avoiding a postseason tournament that would be preferred by the overwhelming majority of fans.[/li][/ol]FLA 27 OU 10 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I like it, but it’s preaching to the choir.

Well, only 30 Rock is new tonight. I think The Office is a rerun of “The Surplus”.

Tebow will one day save us all from a natural disaster and be crowned king of all mankind.

Florida 43
Oklahoma 30
Texas QQ

Wow, these announcers are awful. Not only did I think they blew the first Florida TD (where it was at least questionable if he crossed the plane), but screwing up the down on 3rd or 4th down and goal is just unforgivable. How did these clowns get to call the championship game?

Yeah, the announcing is terrible. And yes, the Florida players butt and even his shoulders were clearly on the ground long before his hand crossed the goal line. Not that it matters, they’d almost certainly have scored anyway.

What is bothering me is that the ACC apparently doesn’t have a rule against holding. Both teams are getting away with it time and again, and the refs just aren’t calling it.

At the beginning of the game, I’d have predicted a final score of OU 35, Florida 28. At this point (halftime), I’m gonna revise that down to OU 28, Florida 24. OU clearly dominated the first half, but just didn’t put the ball in the end zone.

wtf i forgot

Run, Tebow, run!