So what happened to all the Wii buzz?

Right before, and right after the Wii came out, this place was abuzz with Wii threads. Now it’s quiet as a grave about Nintendo’s quirky new console. Has the novelty worn off? Is it just that no new games have come out? Was it overhyped? Are people still playing it?

I’m thinking about getting one next week if I can find one . . . but I’m curious as to what its staying power is like. Who is still playing with their Wii?

This pun brought to you by Nintendo.

My guess:
No games yet, launch games are tired now?

I had a blast with Excite Truck and I played a ton of Wii Sports initially but I actually don’t really get a lot of TV time since my wife tends to watch it at night so I never made much headway with Zelda. I could easily have moved the Wii into my study but I’m a bit of a graphics whore and to be honest I never really loved any of the Zelda games except Wind Waker for some reason. So I ended up trading that and the lackluster Elebits in for NWN2.

I think the Wii really needs some awesome titles. I’m actually psyched up about Wii Sports Airplane which looks cool. I’ve been playing SMB to entertain my kids and we play Everybody Votes a couple times a week though.

It’s definitely more of a multiplayer console at the moment IMO.


What is Wii Sports Airplane?

Waiting to see if local stores will ever have it again…

Yeah. Really the only good games coming out for the Wii right now (with the recent exception of WarioWare Smoothmoves) are VC games. This week we have: Elevator Action (NES) Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts (SNES), and Sword of Vermillion (GENESIS).

I will probably pickup SGG, but has anyone played Sword of Vermillion (a rare RPG to come to the VC)? I remember seeing it when it first came out and really wanting, but I was from a SNES household.

Here’s the Wii buzz:

Can’t get a Wii.

Yeah, it’s still hard to find so people who are only sort of interested aren’t stumbling onto them in stores and starting new threads with impressions, and the people that already have them are done with, or at least done talking about the launch games (I’m still working slowly through Zelda and loving every minute of it, but don’t have much new to say about it) and now we wait for more real games.

Also: Crackdown.

Excite Truck came out over here two weeks ago and I’ve been really enjoying it so far, but other than that there’s nothing interesting for me in the pipeline until the PAL version of Elebits in April. No PAL release date set for Super Paper Mario yet…

What is Wii Sports Airplane?

Nintendo had a techdemo at E3 2006 where you could fly around with an airplane. The controls were comparable to the controls in the WarioWare Smooth Moves paper plane mini-game. I’m not sure if Nintendo ever officially announced it, but some reports said that this demo may get polished and released as Wii Sports Airplane.


I played some Dragonball Z and it was pretty cool, but the controls were finicky and unresponsive compared to my favorite fighting game ever, Soul Cal 2.

That said, it was very refreshing and new and enjoyable.

Wow, the Sword of Vermillion? What an oldie. I played that game through to completion actually. It was a bit odd in that it had boss fights as a 2d side-scrolling battle, while the rest were standard turn-based random encounters.

It wasn’t particularly impressive (i though Phantasy Star 2 was better), but as a kid it’s atmospheric story made an impression on me. I’m sure today it would seem pretty childish.

There was one other Genesis game that came out, it was supposedly the “first” RPG it had. There were a party of barbarian-esque characters with long health bars at the bottom. All i remember is that the best weapon in the game was some “Nut” or acorn that you could throw instantly and not incure a turn…

Popped in Excite Truck again this weekend and it’s still the best thing to play on the Wii.

SSX and Sonic recently came out, both equally decent with their own irritable quirks.

Metroid and Super Paper Mario will get the forum Wii-talk active again in the next few months…unless Charles finds one first.

That’s my story too. This has really gone beyond stupid now. Make some fucking consoles and ship them to stores. FFS.

At Christmas, I was given the cash to buy a Wii. Still can’t find one either.

Wii’s are still being fed into the channel, and there isn’t a lot of new product and/or marketing to go along with it.

I’ll start a topic for SSX Blur if you like, but with GDC this week I’d figure I’d wait.

Nintendo sold over 400,000 Wiis in January alone in the US. That’s a ridiculous number of consoles for a January timeframe.

The demand is simply so high that there’s no way for them to meet it all. They’re shipping them to stores, but you’re simply too slow to get them or not lucky enough to be there when they do.

Target had an ad yesterday for the Wii and apparently got at least 15 units per store. Best Buy apparently received shipments around Friday of last week too.

As for buzz, it’s still very much there. This board is a terrible place to gauge console buzz because it’s largely dominated by PC gamers. Head over to GAF for a more realistic gauge of hardcore gamer interest in all three consoles.

Sonic and SSX Blur have been talked about over there quite a bit, and every day we’re discussing stuff like EXCITE TRUCK and Virtual Console as well as Zelda, etc.

Speaking of Zelda, I got to the Water Temple last night. Simply awesome.

still totally enjoying mine!!!
I rented Trauma Center Last week and had a good time with that (most likely will rent it again to finish it I hope) and then picked up SSX Blur… so far I’ve been less then impressed with Blur. I dislike the handling of uber tricks. The controls for the game have a steeper learning curve, and most likely will turn off casuals.

Where as with the previous PS2 version, pretty much anyone could pick up a controller and play.

Warioware did nothing for me… meh. I’m looking for the next Bust-A-Move coming out next month!!!

Is there a Wii-tracker page for Targets?

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