Solasta: Crown of the Magister (Turn-Based Fifth Ed.)

Since they (for some reason) spent resources on voice actors, they probably had some restrictions on variety in lines read. They should have made this entirely text-based, imo. That would have given them a lot more (and cheaper) room to move around with here.

Tried playing this multiplayer last night. The de syncing drive us nuts and we had to bail. One theory on the internet was me having a much better system than my friends was the problem, but adjusting to force 60fps on my system didn’t solve it.

That’s unfortunate. I’ve played about 12 hours with a friend so far and zero desynchs. I don’t think either of us has super fast systems though. It’s been quite fun!

I wonder if it was the 3 of us that was causing the issues. Two might minimize it, but now with 3 the problem becomes worse.

The Steam forums have a lot of people mentioning sync issues.

It couldn’t be one of you was having intermittent internet issues? That seems the most likely culprit.

It’s possible.

It’s hard to tell. The forums weren’t exactly helpful, other than “it happens”. They also patched this week so that may have introduced a bug.

I started playing MP with my son just this week. When we first started, I had the CE2 mod loaded and he was vanilla. Massive desynch problems. I reverted to vanilla and no issues since. We are very much enjoying it.

I do plan to test what happens if we both have CE2 as I really miss the functionality.

I’m surprised the game even allowed modded/unmodded to play together to begin with, but yeah I would imagine that would cause a lot of problems.

I only played a couple missions with a friend last weekend and we did get hit with a desync right up front but haven’t seen one since.

Played it with the same friends twice this week. No issues at all. Maybe one of us was just having weird internet issues that first night.

Good news. Its fun, eh?

On my front I will say we found our game got much better when one of the players moved from a laptop with a integrated GPU to a desktop PC with a decent graphics card. Neither are powerhouse PCs. Before there was this constant, annoying lag. Now its smooth.

we also had our first TPK. Picked a fight we thought we shouldn’t, but did.

Yeah, it is. I don’t know if I will really get into the single player game, but it really feels like playing D&D with my buds. We are just doing user-generated content for now.

Oh! I missed this, but we are getting Bard, Warlock, and Monk coming here soon.


The time to submit ideas for one of each subclass was the 19th, so I didn’t bother saving the link, but it’s great we’re getting yet more Solasta stuff.

How has the user-generated content been? Are they single dungeons or are there campaigns?

The one we are working through is a campaign levels 1-12. It’s pretty good. No major issues so far with the coding or content.

There are smaller ones like the old TSR modules that are just a few levels.

How annoying is the system for getting the user content?

It has Steam Workshop support, so it’s easy.

Yeah, for downloading dungeons, its super easy to use the workshop.

If you want a modified game, then you go to Nexus to download and follow the instructions. I recommend and use the Community Expansion mod.

Also, yea Bards, Warlocks, and Monks!

I bought this on PC, but it just came out on Xbox it sounds like. Anyone play it? If so hows the font size and controller UI?

I tried it very briefly in my livingroom on the Xbox, and works pretty nicely - font is big enough, and controls are tight.

Personally, I am waiting for the controller support to come to PC version, which it will!

Had a great time this weekend with a user-made module. Came into a room and realized

  1. It was a mini-boss fight with multiple ogres, bezerker orcs, other disposable badguys galore, all lead by a high level orc shaman
  2. My group was freshly rested, and the rest area was nearby if I Winchester’ed all my spells/abilities.

Its DnD moments like these that Solasta captures so well. I was way outnumbered, but I could completely take off the gloves and let the mana fly. I think I dropped 4x fireballs, hold person, Paladin and Cleric smiting, some Witch hexes (from the CE mod, the Witch class is pretty cool), etc. Tough battle but we won.

That said looking at starting a different user-made module with a group tonight. Any suggestions? @Mark_Crump would you recommend the one you mentioned?