Sony REALLY needs a new marketing company - as soon as possible.

Guests at the event were even invited to reach inside the goat’s still-warm carcass to eat offal from its stomach.

Sony fans are used to that sort of treatment, though.

Horrible promotion idea, but that article bothered me because of this:

It is not the first time Sony has been involved in controversy over its games. In 2004, the PlayStation 2 game Manhunt was banned by High Street stores in the UK after it was linked to the murder of a 14-year-old Leicester boy.

Remember that the police had concluded that Manhunt had nothing to do with the murder, and in fact it was the other kid who had owned the game. Not very responsible reporting.

No hyperbole or tenuous connections or assumptions from mainstream press surprise me when it comes to videogames.

Well, technically that’s a true statement. The game was taken off shelves because of that incident. Of course, it would have been good if they’d mentioned the part about the killer not owning it…

Also: Jesus fucking Christ, Sony…

What. The. Fvck.

Someone please tell me this is really just an Onion article.

I approve of the topless women, however.

Please someone tell me this was an Onion article…

Well, at least they know they fucked up.

The Sony spokesman said the animal had not been slaughtered for the event but had been bought from a local butcher by the Greek company hired to stage the event.

What purported to be warm intestines was actually warm offal.

He said Sony’s UK office had been shocked to see the report in the official PlayStation magazine, which the company licenses to publishing house Future. Sony is this weekend recalling the entire 80,000 print run of the magazine.

While you may approve of the topless woman, I notice that she does NOT approve of the decapitated goat.

Nor do I, for that matter. What the fvck, indeed. (What the fvck is that spelling? Roman alphabet?)

Well, on the bright side at least it can’t really hurt sales.

My head is swimming from all the possible metaphors.

Frankly, I’m appalled – they’re blatantly ripping off the KLF.

Well, the goat was bought having already been slaughtered, and not for this event, so apart from being a little tasteless what exactly is the problem?

A strange thing to include in your official mag though.

Frankly, I’m appalled – they’re blatantly ripping off the KLF.

So the PR stunt is real? I mean, I seriously thought this was an Onion story. This really happened? Was anyone from this board there?!

Good Lord.

As a Greek-American I am appalled by Sony’s use of that goat. To bring a slaughtered goat to an event and then not proceed to cook and serve it to the guests is an insult to the Greek community. The bringing of an animal carcass to re-unions, festivals, and fund raisers is a time honored tradition, a tradition that involves eating the carcass. I can only express my solidarity with the guests that went home hungry that evening.

P.S. Reading this has made me hungry for some sheep brain. I’ll probably have to settle for yogurt, though.

I just had to use my hand to close my jaw.

What. the. fuck?!

Honestly, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. It’s in bad taste, but if anyone appalled eats meat they should reconsider one position or the other.

I have a feeling that this is more offensive to Americans than Europeans.