Sony Takes on the Elite Controller: DualSense Edge $200

Trailer makes it look pretty awesome, I have to admit.

Anyone getting one Day One?

I was hesitant to reward a company who makes such poor controllers that I’ve had sticks go bad in two or three already since launch, but I would’ve considered it for one that fixed the problem with higher quality parts. Not at $200 though.

Ah yes, a 200 dollar controller for a console you still can’t buy.

Yet still no accessibility controller for PS5?

C’mon guys. They have been so behind on this. Disabled playstation gamers are using fan-created 3d printed accessories while the xbox has had a solution for over 4 years.

That seems to only have two back buttons? If so, that’s just not enough. I pretty much always end up with a useful mapping for all four paddles on the Elite.

For two hundred dollars, a controller ought to have every bell and whistle imaginable. Not a handful of joystick caps and a couple of back buttons.

I’m going to wait for more colors (you know it’s coming). And a deep sale.

240€ in Europe. Which is pretty funny, because you know, for 35€ more, you can buy an entire Xbox series S (with a good wireless controller included! that also works on PC!).

So you’re all saying I shouldn’t buy this to play Frogger on my iPad?

On top of being overly expensive, I bet the battery life is still terrible.

I’d always dismissed the Xbox brand (“no reason to get one since I have a pc” was my justification), but getting the series s kind of made me a believer. Fantastic controller, and the console itself only takes up the space of a couple of a books (unlike the ps5, which feels big enough to be seen from space).

It’s also so quiet!

Waiting for my white Xbox Elite v1 to arrive (overpriced at $130 CAD)

Open box, on sale for $160.

Anyone using this on PC? Wondering how well it does as a PC gamepad. I love my Xbox controllers but thumb pain has me considering this as a way to switch up my finger position a bit if I move back and forth between controllers along with keyboard.

I don’t have a Dual Sense Edge, but I got a Dual Sense for my PC to play with Forspoken and Returnal. It works really well in both those games, and in other games too.

Steam now tells me when a game supports the Dual Sense specifically, which is starting to happen more and more often.

For instance, here’s one that doesn’t specifically support it.

And here is a game I bought recently that supports both my Xbox controller and my Dual Sense controller.

And if it supports specific Dual Sense features like with Returnal, you also get that Dual Sense mentioned not just Dualshock.

Thanks that’s great info. I think I’ll pick one up and see if it helps.

$200 controller? Is it drift-proof?

No, it uses the same crappy sticks as everyone else. However, they’re replaceable so you can spend even more on something they could fix with better design!

Huh. Is the newest one not HAL sensor or whatever that magnet based design is? I just assumed it was but I’ll check that. I mostly interested in having the left thumb stick in a different position than the Xbox layout

Correct - the DualSense does not use hall effect joysticks. There were rumblings of a third party option but I don’t know if those ever came out. And frankly if I’m already spending $200 on a controller I’m not really interested in spending another $50-100 on a third party fix because the stock offering isn’t good enough.

I’ve mostly stopped playing my PS5 and thinking about it, a large part is because I’m sick of buying a controller every year or so when the sticks go on mine.