Space Force 2 ....Under The Radar

I hate to use such a cliche but this seems to have come out of nowhere yet it really looks quite stunning.


The main site.

From what I can gather it’s a small Russian team and the game is nearing completion within the next couple of months. No distribution yet for the english version. I want this.

Looks really neat - just hope they add a little more Newtonian Physics to it. Those ships change direction way too fast.

So yeah, it looks fantastic! A space RPG, eh? Man, I gots to upgrade my laptop here.

Further info:

Damn… I’m totally 100% on board for this. Looks like Freespace 3 to me.

The next generation of astronauts is going to be really disappointed when they find out space is not bright blue, green, and red.

awesome. With all those races, I hope they get some decent dialogue in there…

I’m liking the smoke and other effects.

Star Force 2? Not only will it destroy your computer, it will set fire to your cat and spill your beer.

Oh sorry, SPACE Force 2… phew

• ships neural core computer system – Harmonia will guide you through, help you win situations and make your coffee.

Make my coffee? I am in.

Looks like Jowood are publishing this and it will be out on 22nd of May in the USA (probably released through Dreamcatcher Interactive).

I just fear that the JoWood guys are pressing the developers to rush the game, which seems to happen with every JoWood game.

This reminds me of a much more graphical version of an old space based RPG I had back in the early IBM years. It sounds interesting indeed. I hope this ends up being a big hit.

That trailer was awesome. It looks like a cross between X2/X3 and Freespace.

As soon as someone plays this, let us know. I’m interested, but damn wary of JoWood.

The trailer makes it look a lot like Freespace.

That’s a good thing.

Hmm… space RPG good… Jowood… bad.

I think I’ll wait to hear the word of mouth on this one.

I am intrigued.

Well since the game is like out this week, they’ve released a demo.
809mb worth

Looking at the official forums, there’s a bit of info there to help you get used to combat, particularly setting the fire mode of your ship to rapid fire.

Mouse :
wheel - speed up and down
left button - fire primary weapons
right button - fire missiles
When you fire your primary weapon it will heat and will stop firing. So you have to fire a little and then you must allow weapon to cool down. Practice this!
When you fire all of your missiles you have to go to your inventory and mount them. Note that you cannot go into inventory while you are in combat -> you cannot mount missiles while in combat.
If you want to fire missiles be sure you have locked on to the ship. A red cross-like thing will be in the targeting rectangle and you can hear a sound while the ship is being locked on.

Keyboard :
WASD - strife up, left, down and right
QE - roll left and right
SPACE - kill engine
If you press them two times in a rapid succession you will execute dodge manoeuver (you will move a short distance very fast in one direction). For example press WW and you will move up; press WW DD and you will move up and right (but you have to be fast). NOTE : this manoeuver uses energy cells.

Y - use EMP
You have to use EMP when missiles are very near in order to destroy them.

,(comma) - fire mode
I find it easier when I set my weapons to rapid fire.

L - cockpit/HUD enable/disable
If you don’t like the cockpit or the HUD or both you can remove them.

C - camera/mega speed
There are 3 modes - 1st person, 3rd person and Mega Speed.
Mega Speed looks like 3rd person, but in this mode you are travelling 3 times faster.

SHIFT - afterburner
Use it to close distance to your enemy or to run away from him.

O - hack building
You have to be near a building and you mustn’t move.

I also increase mouse sensitivity because with default settings it is too slow for me.

On first mission you have your instructor with you. He will help you a little (but just a little).

I set fire mode to rapid fire and simply use afterburner to close th distance to the pirates.

Yeah, JoWood isn’t exactly flush with extra cash to let developers take their sweet ass time finishing a game. Not like Blizzard or whathaveyou.

Veefy: Thanks for the demo download linky.

The comments on SA about the demo make it sound sucky (the demo). Then again, it’s SA so i’d rather see it for myself when i get home.

The SA Games forum has actually never found a game it didn’t like.

You can find pretty much any completely fucking worthless Korean grindfest MMO (or other suitably horrible pile of shit) and there will be goons who spooge all over it.