Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)


I have to watch that movie again.


Is that Last Starfighter?


That it is!


You don’t know it exactly on sight?



Anybody else play the illegal Last Star Fighter game on the Atari 400/800? Good stuff if I recall.


Don’t give me shit. I saw it in the a theater. I’m old.


I saw it four times in the theater, owned it on VHS, DVD and currently Blu-ray. Your point? Sir?


Nope, never got to, heard it was good.


Oh yeah? Well, did you go bowling afterward? Huh, mister smarty pants?


Possibly! It was a long time ago and I don’t remember.


Distant Worlds Universe, released in 2014, received an update in Steam yesterday. Go figure. He’s still tweaking it, even as he works on DW2.


If it’s a 67.5 MB update, it’s not a real update. It’s a Steam bug that’s updating a .Net installer in many different games.


Ah, that would make more sense. Thanks.


That explains why my Steam download list was a god damned mess.


Yeah. I got about ten 0mb “updates” today.


Hey guys, the developer of Astrox Imperium – the sequel to Astrox: Hostile Space Excavation – is running a contest through us where you can win a copy of the game. Check it out!

Good luck!


Sure, but tell that to my bank account.

Anyway, is there a reason why I might want to opt for the ‘original’ Halcyon 6 over the Lightspeed Edition?


Can you even still buy the original? I figured it’d been supplanted by the new version. There’s really no reason to go back.


Steam still has it for the same price as the newer version (which is kind of weird). I just wanted to make sure this wasn’t one of those game updates that divides a community. Lightspeed it is.