Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Thanks - I am super excited.

For those who may have an interest here is a stream by Atova. He has good content in general (Highfleet and Carrier Command 2 really helped me grok those games) and he dropped a Krellan Commander stream over the weekend Krellan Commander YouTube vid

Enjoy y’all. ;)

Wow, Battlecruiser…
I do admire that Derek keeps trying to get it. I like the vision he’s going for. Unfortunately I haven’t met a game in that series I was able to play for very long. Universal Combat either, which in my mind is the same thing.

Yeah you gotta admire the persistence at the very least.

Carrier command in space is what he needs, but that requires a different take on things…focus on gameplay not what is real or something…
Perhaps reel the narrative in a bit.

God why hasn’t this happened yet? I guess the closest thing we have is this series and Starshatter? I guess?

Yeah, closest is Starshatter. If you squint really hard, you could say that X4 does a bit of that too. ;)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhh that is a huge stretch.

I remember ordering a M7M to jump in in Albion Prelude and when it arrived I commanded it to throw some torpedo salvos and absolutely destroy every Xenon in the area, while I was flying something else. It was fantastically awesome. I assume the same is possible in X4’s late game.

Well, I think Avorion comes closer than most other games, as it got some fleet command and stuff going on, but the sheer immersion of CC 2 is unparalelled. I find that you have to go for the big ship feel when you play these games, and Battlecruiser AD felt like moving a fighter.

What about BattleGroup VR? I haven’t played it yet, but it looks superficially similar.

Sorrrrrrrt of? It’s not really a carrier game, more like you’re in command of other battleships in a fleet game.

I stumbled upon this, purchased/download it, and thought:

@BrianRubin needs this. Seriously.

Oh man sorry, I don’t/can’t do horror.

No, seriously. It’s not Eldrich horror - it’s Alien/Aliens/Event Horizon/Dead Space, with probably one of the best rules layouts and designs I’m seen since I drew chits for redbox D&D back in the day.

Spend $5 for the PDF (pay what you want) and grab it.

Hmmm, okay you sold me.

Space Haven still in EA, got a pretty big update:

Hello Spacers,

I fear that my memory is conflating multiple games together, but I’m trying to recall a spacey type game that had a core mechanic that was based around shooting bits off enemies in a cubey/voxely manner.

I’m my head I’m seeing something like Panzer Dragoon meets Space Engineers meets ikaruga.

My brain may we be just making this up, but does anyone recall a game like this that I might be thinking of??

So was this a first-person game? Like Empyrion and Starship EVO?

This is the challenge. I’m not convinced that it’s a game that I’ve actually played, but it’s X-wing like space / Atmos combat that is the overriding impression (thus the Panzer Dragoon feeling).

It may well be that I’ve just seen some screenshots and made up the actual gameplay in my head…

I don’t think that it’s anything recent…