Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

  1. You can ask the question on the Steam forums.
  2. A 30 second google search told me the answer to your question :)

I follow Space Game Junkie as a curator on Steam so I can get @BrianRubin’s takes front and center when I’m browsing those space games.

Thank you so much!

Yes, I follow Brian on Steam too. I’ve bought several games on his recommendation.

Curious what you found as the answer.

The developer promised full controller support in this thread, but he seems to have not followed up when someone said it still didn’t work for him:

Looks like in 2019, he again promised he’s working on it, but there was no follow up.

On the other hand, support for controllers and HOTAS setups is mentioned in this Early access update in 2019:

I think it does support controllers and HOTAS I’ve just not tried it because the mouse controls are so damned good.

Same here. I don’t always like the same games he does, but I do know that if he doesn’t like a game, I won’t like it.

Thank you!

Clearly because of the attention that is Qt3, Spacebourne is on sale on the Steam store!

Some of the best $3 you can spend right there, that is.

I guess it’s time to figure out how good their gamepad support is first hand.

Let us know. If support is decent, I’ll dive in.

It is pretty crazy how much one guy (or one guy and maybe a couple of hirelings) managed to do with that game (Starbourne). I watched a good chunk of Brian’s Let’s Play last year. The only thing that bugged me and I would just turn off was the endless music loop, IIRC mostly in the space stations.

There are a number of “space games” out there in various stages of development that I have been following. I’m going to list them here so other can follow, and maybe Brian would like to follow up with some of them, if he hasn’t already. These are a mix of 4X, RTS/base building, RTS/Homeworld types, space survival games, and FTL look alikes for the most part. I have excluded RPG’s/FPS/squad tactics games (for the most part) that take place in space, those aren’t what I think of when I think of “space” games, but YMMV. Note, some of these have already been mentioned in this thread but I don’t think most have.

Hey thanks for that; I had a surprising number already on my wishlist but still a few interesting ones that I hadn’t seen before.

I tried it out last night. Loaded up SpaceBourne, and noticed there was a tutorial. I’m always nervous trying these. There’s been so many times when a tutorial has completely turned me off a game, only for people to tell me weeks/months/years later “oh yeah, that game has a terrible tutorial, you should have just jumped into the main game”. But it’s too late, isn’t it? I’ve tried the tutorial and loathed it and wowed never to go back to the game. But on the other hand, sometimes the tutorial is great, and a great place to try out new controls.

Luckily SpaceBourne is the latter. I tried the combat tutorial, and it has me going through all the instructions one by one. Even though the instructions are for mouse/keyboard, you can do things on the controller and it activates the tutorial as well, even though it doesn’t tell you what button to use on the controller. But you can try them all out real quick and find out.

My only hesitancy is that towards the end of the combat tutorial it gets kind of complicated. Because you not only have guns, lasers and missiles (which each get a button on the controller), you also have special abilities that can be selected using the d-pad and activated, and the game says they can be essential to survival.

The actual ship controls remind me a little of Descent. So it’s like a hybrid between Descent and a space sim in terms of the controls. If there’s a second issue I have with it aside from the d-pad and special abilities overload, it’s the fact that it’s in 3rd person, which means my own ship is big on the screen, but like most 3rd person games, the enemy is usually pretty small when I’m targetting them and destroying them. So no big beautiful ships on the screen like in Wing Commander, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, etc. No big explosions because the explosions are pretty far away and therefore tiny.

But other than those two points, I like it! The controls during combat felt intuitive right away since it’s similar to controlling Descent, but with more weapons at the same time. This has potential!

By the way SpaceBourne has two options for languages. Turkish and English. So this must be a Turkish developer I guess.

Definitely Turkish.

Lawd a’ mercy, what a great time to be a space game fan and 2022 looks like it will be a very happy space game new year indeed.

And @BrianRubin you deserve all glory, laud and honor for the time and effort you devote to being a terrific ambassador to the genre, both here and on Steam and elsewhere. Thanks for all that you do to keep us jazzed about the new shiny and steering us away from the gorram clunkers. Know that it is appreciated if not vocalized often enough.

…thank you. So much.